Re: Tent City II: EMAIL & URLs for Seattle officials involved

Tom Boland (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 19:11:51 -0700 (PDT)

Gwen wrote about Seattle's planned "Jungle homeless"  sweeps:
>Remind Mayor Schell that just last week he was pointing out that there are
>many more homeless people than beds. Ask him where he expects these folks
>to go. Perhaps you all could suggest suggest that his actions might be
>viewed as hypocritical.

Gwen, thanks for supplying some URLs for contacting Seattle Officials.
Below, I append some more info, including eamil addresses to write.

Does anyone have *snail-mail addresses for the Seattle officials involved?

*Mayor Paul Schell
City of Seattle Mayor's Office E-mail -
Email the Mayor at <>

*Tom Byers in the Mayor's Office, 206-684-4000 [email address not listed;
who has it?]
--possibly rachable at the Mayor's email address--
"Tom Byers, Deputy Mayor. Mr. Byers will focus on issues and projects
dealing with health and human services, housing,community development,
neighborhoods, planning, the arts, Seattle Center, the Seattle Public
Library, and intergovernmental relations. He is currently heading up the
Mayor's Affordable Housing Action Agenda initiative and March 21 Community
Housing Conference. Byers is the founder of Cedar River Associates, a
consulting service for projects in the public interest in the fields of
health, human services, environmental policy and community planning. He
also served as Special Assistant to Mayor Charles Royer from 1980-1990. His
Executive Assistant is Julia Mayes."

City of Seattle - City Government DIRECTORY which links to official's EMAIL
and other contact info at

*Ken  Bounds, Director of the Parks Department, 206-684-8021, and
Parks Department Info - Superintendent: Ken Bounds
Email: <>

*City Council Parks Committee Chairperson Nick Licata, 206-684-8803
E-mail: <>

Seattle City Council Home Page

I hope this info (which comes from a few of us) will be helpful for your
homeless civil rights campaign in Seattle. -- Tom Boland

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