Tedrico's Page New Homelessness Discussion Board

Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 16:53:29 PDT

Greetings Fellow Users of Tedrico's Page,

     After nearly 5 months of beating myself up about as to why  
my homelessness discussion board was as successful as other      
homeless related boards and of course the rest of my website,    
I've decided that the JAVA requirement of the last board was     
actually preventing the majority of you from contributing your   
input to this discussion! Now let's try it again and hopefully   
everyone, including AOL & Web-TV browser users will be able to   
enjoy this new board! For all of my Site Update Notification     
members, I'd like you to post your replies here from now on, so  
you won't have to wait until Saturday to find out what each other 
member had to say on the Tedrico's Page Select Topic of the Week! 
Thank You for your support!


Tedrico Latham

Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
P.O. Box 514 Rich Square, NC 27869 (252)539-4228


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