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>Thanks for caring.  I am happy to say, that after 18 days of searching,
>Amber has been found, safe and sound, in Daytona Beach, Florida, and we 
>looking forward to her return home in the coming days.
>Val R.
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>>Arlene Allen,
>>    You remember me .. Tedrico Latham of Tedrico's Page? Well I am
>>writing to inform you that your webmaster never linked to my site but
>>more importantly, I get letters like the one I am forwarding to you 
>>from time to time, and until a couple of weeks ago .. I never knew 
>>to do with them! So I am forwarding this very tragic 'missing child'
>>letter that i recently received in my e-mail, to you, someone I'm sure
>>will know what steps to take! I still would like that link to your 
>>and when you next speak to your webmaster, tell him that under the
>>Shelters On-line line, he has the URL of a 2 month DEAD ACH web page,
>>linked to GLIDE, a soup kitchen in San Francisco where I use to eat at
>>every day when I was homeless! Meanwhile I an double forwarding this
>>response to both you and the "Roessing Family" thus reassuring them 
>>I'm referring them into capable hands :) Have A Great Day!
>>Tedrico Latham
>>Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
>>P.O. Box 514 Rich Square, NC 27869 (252)539-4228
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>>>From: "The Roessing Family" <valr@ctaz.com>
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>>>Subject: My missing teenager
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>>>To whom it may concern:
>>>Hello. My name is Val Roessing, and I live in Fort Mohave, AZ, =
>>>approximately 200 miles from Flagstaff. My 15 year old daughter =
>>>disappeared there at the Amtrak station, Friday the 22nd. I would =
>>>appreciate if you could please advertise locally about her =
>>>disappearance. I know SOMEONE there in Flagstaff has to have seen
>>her!!! =
>>>My husband and I spent all day Friday looking for her, showing her =
>>>picture around, and filing a missing
>>>person's report with the Flagstaff Police. We left a picture with 
>>>but I have attached to this e-mail a link to a site with a much 
>>>one. We finally decided it would be a good idea to be home in case 
>>>tried to call again. There has been no word from her at all.  The 
>>>wasn't even assigned to a detective until Tuesday because all but one 
>>>on-call detective were off for the holiday weekend. I feel we have 
>>>valuable time and am trying my best to get the message out. I don't =
>>>expect miracles, but I still need help in getting the word out.  =
>>>Especially with the Rainbow group being in the area at this time.
>>There =
>>>have been alleged sightings of her in the bunny slippers in Williams 
>>>over last weekend.  Her name is Amber Christine Diane Roessing. She 
>>>15, 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, short dark reddish-brown hair and a mole
>>on =
>>>the left side of her face near her mouth. She was last seen at the =
>>>Flagstaff Amtrak station by one of the Visitor's Center clerks, 
>>>HUGE bunny slippers and carrying her pool stick in it's black vinyl =
>>>case. She also may have been carrying a blue Wal-Mart bag with 
>>>in it, a see-through multi-colored tote bag and a straw tote bag. All
>>of =
>>>these items were carry-ons that she could not check into the luggage 
>>>compartment on the bus. She also wears three rings. One is a white 
>>>silver watch ring with a purple teddy bear around the outside of the 
>>>face, one is a gold open heart with a small diamond in the center, 
>>>one is a silver fish symbol which, to me, looks like an anorexic =
>>>pyrhana. There were reportedly two other teens with her at the time =
>>>(unknown to us). One girl with black hair and green bangs, and one =
>>>taller boy with black hair cut short in the back and bangs hanging 
>>>his eyes. They may have talked or coerced her into leaving with them.
>>If =
>>>so, she has always wanted to pierce her tongue, dye some of her hair 
>>>blue and/or purple, and add piercings to her ears so that she could
>>wear =
>>>several (6-8) earrings at once. And, she has always wanted to get a =
>>>tattoo. At my insistence, she hadn't done any of these things prior 
>>>her disappearance, but I don't want to rule out any possibilities. 
>>>also likes to shoot pool. Her pool stick has "Camel Joe" on it. She
>>also =
>>>likes bowling, skateboarding and rollerblades, and likes to hang 
>>>people who call themselves "skaters".  She is a high profile 
>>>who likes to be the center of attention. =20
>>>The clerk said they sat there for the entire morning, and my daughter 
>>>and the unknown girl had said they were waiting for us to come pick 
>>>up. We want to believe she is a runaway, but the circumstances are 
>>>strange and don't make a lot of sense. Why would she call us, wait 
>>>several hours, and then just disappear? We are desperate to find our 
>>>daughter. This isn't like her. If she is a runaway, she may be going 
>>>one of her computer names, Kitana or Trixy. Anyone who may have seen 
>>>had contact with her or the other two are urged to contact Flagstaff 
>>>Police Detective Don Meade at 520-214-2521, the Flagstaff Police =
>>>Department at 520-774-1414, your local police department, or your 
>>>Missing Child Organization. The case number is 98-10423.
>>>Please forward this to anyone who may be able to help, please see the 
>>>photo at the website listed below, and feel free to print and post it 
>>>anywhere you think it may be seen. It is only a few weeks old. If 
>>>is a problem downloading it, please e-mail me and I will send you one 
>>>directly in either jpeg or bitmap format. Your prayers, help and
>>support =
>>>are dearly appreciated. Go to www.grepo.com/ricksplace.htm to view 
>>>photo.  Go to  http://www.japerson.org/amber/amberflyer.html to get a 
>>>printable flyer. =20
>>>Val Roessing
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