With friends like Merian's, who needs enemies?

Thomas Cagle (nh-adapt@juno.com)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 05:48:05 -0400

Morning HPN listers,
What follows is an exerpt from a note I sent off to MA-NH NDY folks who
couldn't be in Ann Arbor

"Another national action three weeks after? I think these guys don't like
us very much. They gotta be kidding." 

The problem is (I think) they like us too much. It is 1960, Mississippi
at a Ku Klux Klan convention, er, no. It IS 1998 Michigan at a Hemlock
Society convention. Now that i think on it only the method of our
ambulation has changed.

There is of course eleven-teen things to get done. My toiletries, and
sweat shirt all stayed warmly at home as I froze my ass off.

In the unlikely event that nobody can tell, I am not particularly good at
doing only one thing at a time. The ride has more diversions than I have
stamina for. There be Seneca more or less along the way, friends too
(sorry I didn't stop in Paula), plus other old haunts. I keep my chin
down, NPR turned up and only stopped for a tax-free cuppa coffee on the

The Hemlock Society remains white, well-to-do, and worried. My appraisal
is worried of fee-for-service healthcare systems that are falling away
faster than Hollywood indians. But worried just the same. Not Dead Yet
remains terrified by who these guys are willing to sacrifice to allay
their fears (namely us). With our presence at the Sheriton at least they
were willing to hide away the HS' spokesmen i e Jack the gasser and Faye

The news bubbles with a background of Jack's latest escapades as a "used
parts dealer", meanwhile we hunker down to rustle up some press. Friday
we are just noisy. Saturday we hold our in-service on 'dignity' out under
the portico. As inside another version is being given. The staff blink,
we raid the Ann Arbor Sheraton Inn

Counting the house with a mole there is exactly one person of color, and
two obviously disabled people present. I wonder if any of the Hemlocker's
even know of Jack's latest. foray into pre-planned organ donation.
Inasmuch as Jack no longer has credentials to write scripts I'll warent
that his next order of victim did not know of the vivisection he is
cooking up in scientism's name, um without the benefit of anesthesia, on
their person. . Do I think Jack (a former pathologist) would open
somebody up from sternum to crotch, while still alive? Do ducks have

We pack the lobby, but do not make it into the hall itself. The media
that had lurked since Friday finally went into gear as we had now made a
story. The AP writer wrote down my colorful statement describing Jack as
a serial killer.

Hey Jeff Fieger! If you are having a slow day on your gubernatorial race
I want you to be sure that you have a place in print to go to in your
suit against all of us slanderers of Ol' Jack the Gasser. I doubt if I
said it first, but I wanna make sure you know I said it in public...

The cops get back in force and take an hour or more to haul all 50 odd of
us out of the lobby. I can not say for certain that we disrupted their
day-we were REAL noisy. I wear the placard of Wallace Spolar, Wallace was
put down by Jack with HS endorsement with the same diagnosis as mine
(MS). What he died of was the justified fear that there were no supports
to keep him in his own home. Other protesters wear similar placards.

Michigan, like many other states has it's jail system controlled by the
county, I guess there wasn't room at the inn. All eight arrestee's were
processed on the bus and dropped off in front of the police station to
find their own ride back.

Saturday's PM activity was choir practice. A quick selection of tunes
sung were:

Kill, kill, kill the crips	
	by the method of your choice
		Starvation, DNR, assisted suicide
To the obvious: "row, row, row your boat"  Lyrics. Mary Frances


They gave us the ADA
	and I still aint satisfied
'Cause they still kill us every day
	you know it's genocide

We're Not Dead Yet
	we love our crippled lived lives
We want to live
	not to be euthanised
Whoa they lied
	Whoa they lied
		Whoa they lied
	and I still aint satisfied

Now the Hemlock Society
	their lies we saw right through
Some of us knew all along
	they kill crips just like you

To: "Aint Satisfied"    Lyrics, Mary Frances

Done by candle light. It was moving to us and the AAPD stationed as our
chaperons. Some folks recounted stories of near misses like Larry

Sunday morning was the wrap for the HS annual convention. We decided that
it was time for a Tammany Hall racket, so we circled the building with
air horns, whistles, drum, and voice from 10 am to noon. I sure hope they
have the next annual Hemlock Society annual  convention someplace nice
like Ann Arbor again even if it did rain, sleet, and be cloudy the whole

Support MiCASA HR 2020
Tom Cagle

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