Re: ride to rainbow continental needed.

Tom Boland (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 19:48:44 -0700 (PDT)


As well as you, a few other HPN listmembers have expressed an interest in
going to the Rainbow Family "National" Gathering in Arkansas (or possibly
nearly in Utah). The Gathering lasts from June 28 to July 10, with people
there for seed camp (set-up) as of about June 10th.

After July 10, some folks will sty on site for up to a week or two of
"clean up".  Be prepared to pitch in with chores if you come before or
after the Gathering dates cited above.

Who else would like to go?  Maybe HPNers could camp together and/or
schedule meetings during the Gathering at Rainbow's Cybercamp (where we can
also meet other Rainbow folks who use the Net).  If enough people want to
go, maybe we could arrange car-polls of HPNers, including a carpool from
the North East.

To find a ride to this year's National Gathering, send your request to the
Rainbow Newsgroup at <>.  Nonsubscribers may submit
posts to this address.

In your post, say from where you want to depart, whether you seek a
round-trip ride, and when you wish to leave and return.

The camp site will be announced as of about June 10, and will appear on the
Rainbow Newsgroup.  To access the newsgroup, go to

Alternately, go to Deja News home page at  In the
search line, type "alt.gathering.rainbow AND National AND ride" (exactly as
I write it, without the quotes) and you might come up with ride offers.

Also, try:
Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial Home Page
Rainbow Ride Board (may not be operating currently)
Rainbow Family - related LINKS

Dogs are strongly discouraged at Rainbow, unless owners are willing to
leash their canines and scoop pets' poop.  With so many people in close
proximinity, hygene is a key Rainbow concern.  Can you find a place for
your dog to stay while you camp at Rainbow?

I hope you find a way Home to Rainbow, Rosaphilia.--Tom

>i am in nyc.
>i have never been to a continental rainbow.
>i would like to go.
>i am disabled...i now walk with a cane (unsteady gait), have diabetes,
>and travel with a doggie (a small white companion doggie).
>i could help a bit with expenses.
>if you know someone who could give me a lift, please email me.
>to and fro, the ride, please.

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