How do these things relate to each other and our place in

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> I was just curious as to what everyone else out there thinks about 
how, if at all, the following things relate to each other and our place 
in society:
> 1. Jerry Springer
> 2. High priced education - low paying entry level jobs
> 3. Rap music and gang violence
> 4. Government defense spending
> 5. Homelessness
> 6. MTV's Heroin chic

     My response was to this question was as follows:


     If the gang members would look at rap music as a means of making 
money instead of an incentive to prepare for a drive-by shooting or set 
the mood for a session of heroine packaging and cooking crack, then 
Jerry Springer would not have an audience for uncensored shows 
pertaining to sex, drugs, and violence while at the same time, there 
would be less people homeless because of drugs, which would mean a 
reduction in the homelessness rate and an increase in people capable of 
thinking and thus, excelling in academics to the point that they would 
be eligible for scholarships and usually miss out on having to pay for 
high priced education; and as a result of this, would probably obtain a 
degree in their fields of study which would make them better able to 
obtain high paying jobs instead of low paying ones but whether all of 
these chain reactions take place or not ..... the government will always 
continue to spend, Spend, SPEND on anything pertaining to the issue of 

     I don't consider myself a Gen-Xer but I liked the challenge of 
completely answering the question! Nuff said!


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