US activists: Check this out!! (Votenet)

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Sat, 06 Jun 1998 10:30:57 -0400

FWD from "Charlotte" <<> :

Check this out!!!!

The Paul Revere of the Internet!!!

Votenet, a free subscription-based site, gives politically active
citizens, special interest groups and individuals involved in political
campaigns a single access point to research facilities and other
political resources and information, available at
<<> The Online Community for
Politically Active Citizens.


Check it out.


One of many services on Votenet is the Votenet Ticker. The Ticker is a
legislative reporting system that monitors the activities of the U.S.
congress on a daily basis. This daily information on congressional votes
and political issues is delivered directly to your desk top. 


Services on the Votenet Web site:



</paraindent><paraindent><param>left,left,left</param>* Votenet Ticker.
Add to you desk top

* Free e-mail. Sign up

* Free Web sites:

* An online political superstore 

* Congressional and state legislative directories 

* Facilities for online fund-raising 

* Free campaign management software:  

* A powerful political search engine.
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* A service for contacting campaign consultants


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Debra Compton 888-580-1010