Re: Humboldt CA: homeless sweeps on the rise (fwd)

Theodore Latham (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 23:52:43 PDT

Daniel & Albert,

     It is my experience that throughout the 9 months I was homeless in 
San Diego (2 1/2 of which was consistantly spent on the sidewalk), the 
only times the Police conducted homeless sweeps were during political 
election periods or when too many homeless camped out along the same 
general business district block! A particular sweep that comes to mind, 
is then one conducted by the SPD during the weekend Robert Dole came for 
the Republican Convention at the Convention Center which was located on 
the Mission Bay, many blocks away from 
the bulk of the homeless sidewalk sleeping population. However, just as 
Daniel described, they waited until the homeless were well off into "la 
la" land before running up on them with those "brighter than San Diego's 
Gas Lamp District" flashlights of theirs, and making them get up, pack 
up, and move to higher ground, and thus further away from the "big wheel 
politicians" who may visibly see them while they probably were out 
looking for a blowjob or a crack hit during the wee hours of the night! 
And of course as Albert commented on about the lack of shelter situation 
in Hawaii, San Diego's Saint Vincent DePaul Village stays full, which is 
why I desperately held on to my Bunk for 6 1/2 
months. Nuff said!


Tedrico Latham

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  albert the panther <> wrote:
> Daniel Myers wrote:
> > >One procedure used in the sweeps is using lights in
> > >the middle of the night to find the homeless who are
> > >sleeping, and then flushing them out.
> We appear to have such a campaign newly started in Honolulu, as
> well.  A place which has been a safe place to sleep for months
> was targeted at about 1:30 in the morning, well past the time
> the last buses depart for the airport (where they still have
> not found a legal means to do anything but make life miserable
> for the homeless sleeping there).
> Of course, locally it is an election year, but I'm sure there is
> no connection.

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