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     "Case Studies of Vouchered-Out Assisted Properties" is now available
     from the HUD USER website at:

     Since the early 1980s, HUD has been reducing housing costs by shifting
     from "supply-side" subsidies to developers to "demand-side" assistance
     to renters. This shift is also intended to reduce concentrations of
     inner-city poverty and enhance consumer choice, thereby enabling
     renters to move into better homes and neighborhoods. This policy seeks
     to ensure that low-income, inner-city families have access to
     affordable housing opportunities throughout their metropolitan areas.
     As existing contracts expire on project-based programs and as public
     housing moves away from a project-based system, more and more
     low-income households will receive portable subsidies.

     "Case Studies of Vouchered-Out Assisted Properties," a new study from
     HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research, examines the housing
     and neighborhood outcomes for renters who received vouchers and
     certificates to leave privately owned multifamily assisted housing for
     unassisted housing. Researchers selected four privately owned,
     multifamily properties that had recently been vouchered out to gain
     insights about the experience of renters who receive demand-side
     subsidies, difficulties encountered during their search for new
     housing, and the quality of their new housing as compared to the old.

     Copies of "Case Studies of Vouchered-Out Assisted Properties" are also
     available from HUD USER for $5.00.

     Also just added to the HUD USER website, the "Permanent Foundation
     Guide for Manufactured Housing" handbook and software user's guide,
     located at:

     This handbook is a guide for those approving manufacturing homes on
     permanent foundations, including engineers, manufacturers, and site
     owners seeking approval.  It provides current technical information,
     recommendations, and tables of analytical data, expanding and
     clarifying the definition of a permanent foundation.  In addition to
     the new technical recommendations, the "Permanent Foundation Guide for
     Manufactured Housing" has been expanded and reorganized for easy
     reference with more illustrations and clarifications.  The handbook
     can greatly assist preparation of the worksheets needed to apply for
     an FHA mortgage.

     Also available are the software and user's guide, allowing necessary
     calculations to be made quicker and easier.  Finished worksheets and
     an assortment of graphics can be printed using this software.  The
     software user's guide illustrates its use by working through two
     examples given in the handbook.

     The "Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing" handbook,
     software, and software user's guide are also available from HUD USER.

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