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> The below example, though, is a personal story I think you'd all
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> I had New York State Department of Health coming on surprise visits.
> The administrator asked me, 'Just what do you want?"  "Freedom of choice
> to go my own apartment."
> I would push medication trucks out fire doors, open all fire doors from
> the first floor and the second floor.
> I had a pair of scissors.  I cut many wires -- one of the main wires to
> the electric doors so the stay opened.  I cut the water supply off.  I
> plugged all toilets with plastic bags and toilet paper in the name of
> justice for all, against the abuse that goes on in nursing homes.
> A fire has been started and the fire will not go out until all prisoners
> are out of the nursing homes."
> Mrs. Dolores King
> 114 Jefferson Heights
> Catskill, NY 12414
While I must admit that many of the measures detailed above would seem
to be in categories that a lot of pd's and public prosecutors would get
interested in fast.. I would not underestimate the concept of "civil
disobediance" in all it's forms as a way to get leverage on various

There was an example here in Berlin the past few years.  The coservative
city govt. decided a year or so ago to just scrap completly the reduced
rate monthly passes on the city transit for low-income/welfare
recipiants - within a week or two - not only had many of the above 
societal group had to take to trying to manage on old and often
neglected - discarded bicycles to get arround.. but an increasing number
of these bikes were breaking down irrepairably - and strangely enough
when the low-income/welfare ppl then had little alternative but to head
home on the transit system.. especially after the matter had been
discussed up and down the german language part of the usenet for a while
- a lota these folks seemed to f o r g e t to take thier wrecked bikes
OFF the city transit vehicles when getting out themselves.  There was
even roumour of them carrying/dragging wrecked or partial bikes to the
subway and surburban transit cars and just dumping them in the vehicles
without actually travelling any place themselves.  Soon there was a
small note on page 13 of the local biggest paper that several hundred of
these abandond <partial-> bikes had had to be removed from the transit
system - examined for bombs etc etc and then disposed of according to
the strict environmental regulations here.  Each bike - depending on the
time of day it was "forgotten" and on which line etc.. was costing the
city transit system between 850,-dm and 1.200,-dm(appx. 500.-US$ to
880,-US$) to deal with.  Within 10 days of the above newspaper note - a
special meeting of the city transit regulatory board decided to
re-introduce the reduced rate transit tickets for low-income/welfare
recepiants with the reason given. "enforcement/operation cost explosion"

Recently the same caucus of conservatice local legislators started to
saber-rattel about once again doing away with the reduced rate ticket
while at the same time massively increasing the number of
casually-employed security guards.

Within 6 hours there was talk on the local german language uusenet
news groups as to "Weather there was any truth in the stories that all
the Low-Income/incomme claimants - includeing those forced to work hours
as a casual security guards - would without subsidized transport no
longer find the time to haul thier plasitc bags of garbage out to the
back of the houses and trash them in the dumpsters - and wether they
might start finding it necessary to take the 2 - 3 bages of trash that
each of the 160.000 low-income/welafare households generates on an
avarage day - down to the subway with them and in the stress of it all -
"forget" these several thausand tonnes of trash on the hundreds of
subway cars each morning.

The city govt. sat on its mikrophone at this stage.  End of the month
when the originally planned removal of the reduced rate ticket was due
again .. it just didn't happen.  Real quietly - didn't happen.


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