Fw: Program for people who can not make long-term commitments

H. C. Covington (ach1@sprynet.com)
Mon, 1 Jun 1998 19:39:04 -0500

***Boston groups donate time with Volunteer Days

Corporate volunteers from around the Boston area representing more than 50
companies will roll up their sleeves June 6 as Boston Cares sponsors its
second annual Corporate Volunteer Day.

An estimated 1,200 volunteers will donate a total of 6,000 hours of
community service on city projects such as building playgrounds, cleaning
parks, painting schools and homeless shelters, and planting crops to feed
Boston's hungry.

"Our program takes corporate philanthropy farther than just writing a check
- we increase the impact of the donation by organizing hands-on service
projects for employees to participate in," says Mark Yerkes, executive
director of Boston Cares.

Created in 1991 by a group of working people, Boston Cares connects the
hundreds of nonprofit organizations in need of volunteer labor with the
numbers of people wanting to participate in their communities, but who
cannot make ongoing commitments.

Boston Cares creates, organizes and leads teams of volunteers each month on
more than 60 hands-on service projects that serving the city's youth,
families, elderly, infirm, hungry, homeless and the environment. The
organization is one of a national network of 24 Cares organizations
boasting a volunteer base of more than 100,000.

For information, call (617) 563-4617.

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