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Terry Bevins (hpu@rocketmail.com)
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 09:24:35 -0700 (PDT)


 I was one the list before, I was in Ann Arbor, where
I was homeless. Now I am in Detroit, a city whose
homeless problem is very visible. I have been talking
with some of them, and I have been keeping a close
eye to the happenings in the area I live in. There is
a much injustice between the police and those who are
homeless. They are harassed, then arressted when they
try to speak for themselves, some don't know what is
going on because they are suffering from mental
I am still building the Homeless Power Union. So
Detroit is important to me. They are vicitms of every
kind that live on the streets, and in the shelters
(during the winter months). Every one of them is a
victim of anti-homeless legisaltion and attitudes,
many are suffering from the effects of Welare Reform,
others are suffering from drug addictions. due to
being homeless.

 Why is Detroit important to me? Because it is
important to the struggle of fighting to end
homlessness. Detroit has a very large homeless
population, estimated around 25,0000. I think it is
more like  30 0r 35,000. Given that many are afraid
to fight, but a good many number will fight to end
the conditions they are forced to live. 

 The Homless Power Union for those that don't know
was conceived on the basis of building a movement of
the homeless and those facing a housing crisis, based
on mass actions of the poor and the oppressed to
fight for justice and equality in our society. 

The wide variety of individual causes of homelessness
all occur within the ovberall determining factors of
the high cost of housing and the inavailibility of
decent paying jobs. We are winessing a dramtic drop
in the standard of living, which has placed quality
housing more and more out ofd reach for large
sections of the working-class. Many homeless people
are employed, but are forced to stay on the streets
because of low wages and high rents. 

  Unemployment and the threat of homelessness are a
means to compel employed, housed workers to put up
with poverty level wages and keep them from figthing
for better connditions of employment. 

 We should look to the homeless to build a movement,
because if you were homeless, you know what it means
to carry out a struggle. This struggle was everyday
survival. The streets don't play favorites,
especially when the majority of society is using
tactics short of genocide to rid from their site.

 The Homeless Power Union has been continually
fighting for the homeless and the rights. We are
looking for those individuals who would like to
bbuild this fight in their areas. 

The Homeless Power Union has recently updated our
wepage. nd we have included past news aerticles, on
the fight for the homeless in Ann Arbor. he address
is at the bottom of this message.

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union
National Women's Rights Organizing Committee
Coaliton to Defend Affirmative Action (BAMN)

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