Police State Toronto

Graeme Bacque (gbacque@idirect.com)
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 07:49:23 -0400

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 07:13:18 -0500
From: Gary Morton <command@interlog.com>
To: "cjazz@interlog.com" <cjazz@interlog.com>
Subject: Caribana Meets Big Brother T.O.

Caribana Meets Big Brother T.O. – July/99 – Hostilities are growing as
Toronto’s huge Caribana weekend approaches. Local residents have been
roused to fury as friends from Jamaica and elsewhere report that customs
officials and police are using a racist style of target policing to single
out and search blacks at the airports.

   To make matters worse Toronto Police are warning all people that during
Saturday's Caribana parade they'll be watched on dozens of hidden cameras.
"Everybody is being watched," said Sgt. Tom Russell. "There'll be
coveragefrom one end to the other of the parade." The cameras will be
manned by a team at police headquarters, on College St., he said. Police
will also borrow an OPP helicopter to monitor the crowds from the air. The
chopper will be filming 
the event.

   Another report is that a huge team of Community Action Police will be
sweeping up the homeless during the weekend and then regrouping in force to
sweep Caribana partiers off of the Toronto Islands. Many are worried that
the excessive policing may lead to hostilities and rioting.