Taylor's Campaign film documentary reviewed in Library Journal

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[Taylor's Campaign film documentary reviewed in Library Journal]

The following review just appeared in Library Journal, a publication of
the American Library Association.  A good way to get your local library
to acquire a copy of Taylor's Campaign is go to the library and ask the
librarian, or video librarian, to buy one.  Be sure to make them aware of
the review in the Library Journal.

>From the June 15, 1999 edition of Library Journal p.120 + photo
highlight on p.117

Taylor's Campaign  color. 75 min. Richard Cohen Films, PO Box 1012,
Venice, CA 90291;
310-395-3549.  1999. public libraries $39; academic libraries $99. Public
Richard Cohen's fascinating film, narrated by Martin Sheen, stands out
among documentaries on homelessness. Ron Taylor, a destitute former truck
driver living on the streets of posh Santa Monica, CA, runs for city
council in hopes of changing increasingly punitive city ordinances
against people living in parks and vacant lots. Taylor and the people he
knows are portrayed with dignity and compassion; lengthy interviews with
the homeless show articulate, thoughtful people who are down on their
luck -- but Cohen pulls no punches by also including the mentally ill,
the alcoholic,
and the goofily irresponsible. Footage of arrogant city council members
and ignorant, insensitive
residents and tourists presents a foil to interview clips of a former
city council attorney  who resigned because he would not collaborate in
creating what he perceived to be unconstitutional invasions of the rights
of the homeless. Because of its examination of the rights of all
individuals, this film is highly recommended for all collections.
-- Kellie Flynn, Cook Memorial P.L., Libertyville, IL

Once there is a video tape of Taylor's Campaign in your local library,
there are a number of ways that it can be used.  Check out the tape for
your own viewing.  Invite neighbors, friends, and relatives to watch it
and talk about the issues.  See if the library can set up a public
screening.  Library shows are free to the public. The local media can be
invited to publicize the event, preview the tape, or cover the

Showing Taylor's Campaign is a good event to start National Hunger and
Homelessness Awareness Week in your city.  Last November, Homeward
Journal and the Sacramento Housing Alliance in California kicked off the
week with a highly visible and successful benefit screening of Taylor's
Campaign (My website is temporarily down.  Hopefully it will be up again
next week -- http://www.richardcohenfilms.com -- and you can read the
review from the Sacramento Bee on the link page).

Contact me for more information and please pass this message along.
Richard Cohen

Taylor's Campaign: Directed by Richard Cohen Produced by Amy Ziering
Kofman and Richard Cohen. A production of Raindog Films in association
with Film Arts Foundation. Distributed by Richard Cohen Films. PO Box
1012, Venice, CA 90291.


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