Jane Scharf (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 08:24:08 -0400

Dear List Member:

I am a new member to this list. You will have to let me know
what type of discussions and information are thought useful
to you all.

My concern at this time is with the devastation caused by "WELFARE REFORMS".
And I am also concerned that our new Homelessness Minister is going to
sweep the streets of homeless people like happened in New York. All indications
are there that the government is cracking down on homeless person but at the
same time they are talking out the other side of their mouth about increasing
funding to help. I believe the help they have in mind is community slavery i.e.
 workfare or Institutional slavery in our New Mega Private Jails that are being
build. And if they cannot get any productivity I think there is good
they will be executed like Hitler did.

I am encouraged that there is more resistance to the "Restructuring" finally
and people are starting to wake up and realize we are all getting
financially raped by the large multi-national corporations and their
political minions. Canada has lost its sovereignty over its people and
resources. We have lost all our economic rights and our democratic
rights are disappearing at an alarming rate.

I have an eight year old daughter who is severely deaf. She has been
out of school since the beginning of May because the school system
will not provide her with low cost basic accommodation for
deafness. My daughter is not the only one all disabled children
are getting the shaft. All these angles are at high risk of
homelessness when they grow up if they cannot read and write
and in the case of profoundly deaf children they will not
be able to talk not even sign if they do not get the help they need.

My MPP Bob Runciman does not give two shits that she is out of
school. His office has been apprised since May 29 and they have
done squat.

Also in Canada they have cut out all assistance for basic and
post secondary education for disabled adults also under
our infamous right wing Bill 142 last year.

After cutting down welfare rates that were already
50% below the poverty line down another 21% the
Social Services Minister in answer to the cries that
the poor have no food said "let them eat tuna".

My heart is with the  KHRU Tent City campers in Philadelphia.
I sent a letter to their major but I wish I could do something
more tangible for them.

About the only thing that I am encouraged about lately
is that there does appear to be more resistance now. Even
the right wing in our country who support all this restructuring
are starting to realize they to are getting screwed.

I understand that even in the US the right is now longer supporting
the trade bills that have underscored all this destruction.

I guess it is very important to here all about those who fall
through the cracks or I guess I should say craters now but
I think I would like make an effort on this list to bring any and
all good news I can find about successful protest and resistance.
This kind of news encourages me.

Jane Scharf, Protest, Resist and Surpass