Hospital activists face eviction - The Land Is Ours, Norfolk, UK

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Press releases dictated by Kett squatters

Press release dictated to me by:

The Land Is Ours Norfolk East Anglian Group

Summons served on protesters

19 July 1999

Protesters at the David Rice Hospital, Drayton, Norwich are asking Norwich
residents to come forward and confirm that their recreational use of this
open land has become a well-established local custom.

Standard forms to this effect can be collected and deposited at the
Greenhouse, Bethall Street, Norwich. Forms can also be obtained directly
from the Kett camp, formerly the David Rice Hospital on Drayton High Road,
Drayton (tel 0961 460171).

By taking this action you will enable this land to be formally registered
as a protected public green space.

Background notes:

Under section 13 of the 1965 Commons Registration Act, The Land Is Ours is
seeking to attain village green status for the grounds of the former David
Rice Hospital.

Site contact: Brendan Boal  0961 460171



Hospital activists face eviction

21 July 1999

Activists from The Land Is Ours occupying the David Rice Hospital in
Drayton, Norwich had a partial order for possession made against them at
Bishopsgate High Court, Norwich this afternoon.

Honours were evenly divided between the Norfolk Mental Health Trust and
activists, when a possession order against the protesters occupying the
hospital was granted. Protesters expect the sheriff to execute the eviction
order on Monday.

The court also awarded costs against the two named activists, of pounds
200. Protesters feel that despite being on the receiving end of legal
action, they have in fact been discharging the NHS trust's duty to openness
and public consultation. Activists claim this is a duty they have so
woefully ingored in their disposal.

The Land Is Ours have organised a public meeting this evening for local
residents to discuss the future of the green space attached to the David
Rice Hospital.

In particular they also cite the fact that they had been clearing broken
glass in the derilict building of the former hospital and have secured
barrier tape around its perimeter.

To sustain their fight for public land access, campaigners are hoping for
donations from the public, both towards costs awarded agianst them today
and to establish a further fighting fund.

Site contact: Brendan Boal  0961 460171



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