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Are you a current or former psychiatric patient?

Have you ever worked as a psychiatric patient in a mental hospital or in a
sheltered workshop in Ontario?

Would you like to have your story recorded for possible use in a book or

There is a project underway to record the history of work done by people
who have been psychiatric patients in Ontario between 1841-1991.

Part of this work includes recording the stories of people ho have worked
as psychiatric patient laborers.

This study will be a way of helping to document the enormous amount of work
done by people who have been psychiatric patients in Ontario over a 150
year period.

This is history from the point of people who have lived it.

People who have been psychiatric patients in Ontario have a long history of
working in mental institutions or outside in the community that needs to be
recorded and respected.

You can be a part of this project. You will get a copy of your interview to
proof-read before anything is published.

All inquiries and names will be strictly confidential unless the person who
is being interviewed decides otherwise.

The title of this project is:

Psychiatric Patients' Labor in Ontario, 1841-1991

This project is being researched by Geoffrey Reaume. He is a former
psychiatric patient who was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 14 and
was hospitalized in Windsor's Regional Children's Centre and St. Thomas
Psychiatric Hospital.

He has also worked in occupational therapy and industrial therapy while an
in-patient and as an out-patient at Goodwill Industries in Windsor,

He is currently a Hannah Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for the
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto.
This Fellowship research is funded by the Hannah Institute for the History
of Medicine, Associated Medical Services, Incorporated.

A formal written agreement, or interview consent form, setting out the
obligations of Geoffrey Reaume to each person being interviewed will be
singed before any formal interview takes place. A copy of this agreement
will be provided to each person being interviewed.

The research protocol and interview consent form for this project has been
approved by the University of Toronto Research Services Ethics Review
Committee (UTRS protocol reference #3730).

Childcare and local transportation expenses will be reimbursed upon request
to any person being interviewed.

For more information contact:

Geoffrey Reaume
Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science Technology
Old Victoria College
University of toronto
91 Charles Street West, Room 308
M5S 1K7
Office: (416)978-5020
Home:  (416)324-8808
E-mail: geoffrey.reaume@utoronto.ca