call for papers on the formation & evolution of housing policy

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Call for Papers
Special Issue of Housing, Theory and Society on
Public choice and housing policy

Rent controls, tax breaks for homeowners and building codes are examples of
policies recognised to have a strong impact on the housing market.
Moreover, given that that there are large financial gains and losses
associated with such policies, interested parties will try to manipulate
the policy process to their advantage. A grim conclusion is that many
housing policies will be neither efficient nor equitable, even if improving
social welfare had been the original intention.

The aim of this special issue of Housing, Theory and Society is to shed
some light on the formation and evolution of housing policy. More
specifically, we are looking for papers that explain how housing policy is
influenced by political, economic, social and institutional factors. We
especially encourage work that adopts an economic approach, such as a
public choice or transaction cost approach. Other approaches are just as
welcome, as long as authors manage to integrate a discussion (or critique)
of an economic perspective into their analysis. Desired paper topics
include, but are not limited to:

 Public referenda on housing issues
 Ethical criteria for evaluating housing policy
 Rent seeking" and regulation of the housing market
 Links between local public finance and housing policy
 Federalism and housing policy
 Governing the reform of housing policy
 Participatory democracy and urban housing
 Property rights issues, especially for transition economies
 Institutions as determining housing policy

These are only some examples and potential authors are encouraged to
suggest new topics.
All manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate. Only original papers
will be considered. Manuscripts are accepted for review with the
understanding that the same work has not been or will not be published
elsewhere. All papers submitted to the special issue will undergo the usual
peer review process (double-blind). Manuscripts submitted for application
should arrive at the below address no later than March 15, 2000:

Alastair McFarlane
Case Postale 555
CH-1001 Lausanne

Tel ++41 21 693 73 27
Fax ++41 21 693 38 40

Authors are welcome to direct any questions as well as preliminary
abstracts to Mr. McFarlane. Information on the Journal and instructions for
authors can be found on the website,


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