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how about some protections for consumers on drug trials and the ability to
sue if damaged and to stop it at anytime and that psychosocial
rehabilitation or any therapy centers not allow staff in or out of the
facility to solicit clients/members/consumers for drug trials nor to
receive money for soliciting us!

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NAMI E-News             July 15, 1999              Vol. 00-8


In the last two months, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the nation’s most important resource for psychiatric research funding, has commenced a strategic planning process, inviting input from stake-holders and the public, including NAMI members. 

NIMH’s priority-setting process will culminate in the publication of a Strategic Plan by early next year. In a draft outline, that NIMH has provided, the Institute’s immediate and future (next five years) research priorities are presented in Strategic Plan format.  Many elements of this plan bear the stamp of the National Advisory Mental Health Council, the legislatively mandated advisory board for the NIMH.  These elements have been formed, shaped, or influenced by the Council – from Work Group reports that provide the impetus and emphasis for particular program expansions and redirections to more specific advice on scientific opportunities and public health needs that is reflected in many of the individual Objectives. 

NIMH’s primary research goals are better understanding of mental illness, including its treatment and prevention, and assurance of national capacity for research and dissemination.  These global objectives are broken down into 31 specific ones, including such things as understanding normal brain processes underlying cognition, emotion, and behavior; measurement and monitoring of the burden of mental illness; enhancement of research focused on the discovery of new pharmacologic and behavioral interventions; and ensuring protection of human subjects in research.

NIMH’s effort is in response to a report from the prestigious Institute of Medicine (IOM) (part of the National Academy of Science) — "Scientific Opportunities and Public Needs:  Improving Priority-Setting and Public Input at NIH."  (NAMI provided input into the IOM report, including recommending that strategic planning be adopted by NIH institutes.  We also conveyed this recommendation directly to NIMH 18 months ago.)

NIMH’s draft plan includes its "professional" or "opportunity" budget — a recommendation for funding that would match the scientific opportunities that exist:  For the upcoming year — fiscal year 2000 — that estimate is more than $1 billion, an 18 percent increase over the present year.  

We urge all NAMI members to provide input to NIMH on its draft plan.  To do so, visit NIMH’s website at

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