MTA-Board and Graft Fueling Bigotry?

rosaphil (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 17:29:36 -0400 (EDT)

The MTA-Board is try to stop the 1/2-fare card for mental-health consumers
who are poor, once again.

Why after 15-years of obfuscation and avoidance and lying is the MTA-board
still trying to be soo cruel? perhaps to distract attention from their own
failues and inefficiencies and Graft?

I think graft is fueling the MTA-board's bigotry against the mentally-ill.

the only question is: is Governor Pataki going to acquiesce or is he

where are the attorneys general when ya need them?

how about them new cars, tunnels, disabled-bus-subcontractors and
aid-to-homeless-in-subways. (not)

please make this all-important phone call and keep the
pressure on!---------->>

Thank You For Your Calls ! ! ! 
Your Calls To Gov. Pataki,
Urging Him To Sign the Half Fare Bills,
Are Making A Difference ! ! !

Let's Expand Our Network This Week!
If You Know Someone Who Hasn't Made A Call,
Ask Them To Please Call Gov. Pataki's Hot Line
518-474-8390 or 212-681.4580

The Call Takes 30 Seconds
Just Tell the Operator
Gov. Pataki Should Sign
Senate Bill 2505 and Assembly Bill 1807
The Operator Will Ask Only For Your Zip Code

Thank You For Your Support! ! !
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New Background Information Follows

The Half Fare Fairness Bills passed the Legislature by overwhelming 
majorities.  But now, after the Legislature has spoken, the MTA is about to 
mount a challenge to the Laws and seek to delay its implementation.

The MTA is preparing a Bill memorandum that they will send to Governor Pataki 
to oppose the Half Fare Fairness Bill.  We believe that the Bill memo will 
repeat the decade-old refrains of why S.S.I./Medicaid recipients should not 
receive the Half Fare.  We believe the Bill memo will ask the Governor for 
more time to study the issue - - as if fifteen years has not been sufficient.

We need to remind the Governor of the broad-based Coalition of mental health 
consumers, family members, transportation experts and others that rallied 
behind these Bills, and urge him to end the decade-long pattern of 
discrimination against S.S.I./Medicaid recipients with major mental illness.

Tell him that the MTA Half Fare Fairness Bills represent the merger of sound 
transportation and mental health policy.

Tell him that S.S.I./Medicaid recipients with serious and persistent mental 
illness will be able to travel to, and attend more regularly, their mental 
health community based rehabilitation programs - - to move forward with their 
rehabilitation - - to travel to part time jobs - - to travel to school - - to 
better manage the side effects and physical illnesses associated with their 
mental illnesses.

Tell him he can end a decade long pattern of discrimination today.

Tell him that the Half Fare Law is entirely consistent with the Urban Mass 
Transportation Act, the New York State  Human Rights Law and the Americans 
With Disabilities Act.

Please Urge Your Friends To Call Today.

The Call Will Take 30 Seconds. . .The Half Fare Can Lead To A Lifetime Of 
Recovery. . .

Thanks for Your Support and Best Regards,
The MTA Half Fare Fairness Coalition

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