Please Send HMO and Managed Care Stories A.S.A.P. !

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Mon, 12 Jul 1999 16:07:08 -0400

This just in from Fed Fay of JFA

                    Justice For All


  Urgent: Send HMO and Managed Care Stories A.S.A.P.
If you have ever had a problem with managed care, this is your chance to 
belp change the system.  Congress is considering a patients bill of 
rights this week.

Don't think that HMOs don't affect you just because you are on Medicare 
or Medicaid.  In many states, HMOs are currently, or may soon be, 
(mis-)managing one or both!

Even if you have sent me your (horror) story before, we need stories sent

directly to the Senate now!  Here's one "call for stories" from Senator 
Kennedy's staffer Connie Garner:

"We are looking for MORE stories from both consumers and physicians about

problems in services and health care delivery in HMO's and Managed Care 

I am particularly in need of stories that affect people with disabilities

and/or special needs.

Please have people e-mail: 
or FAX to Connie 202-224-5128

We are not getting what we need to be strong next week on pushing through

the "bill of rights" and this will probably be our only shot.  It is 
being taken so seriously by the business community that NFIB (small 
business) has a "war room" set up to oppose it and have spent millions of

dollars on their t.v./media campaign.  That is why I NEED to have 
consumer and provider voices on this issue so that Kennedy can represent 
REAL PEOPLE on this issue !!!!!

Many of you remember NFIB from their fight against ADA and our civil

They can outspend us, but we can outvote them!  Please send copies of 
your HMO/managed care experience to your Representative and Senators.

If you know others who have had HMO/managed care experiences, please 
encourage them to do the same!
Thank you in advance!

Fred Fay
Chair, Justice For All

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