phonezap to protect Charas El-Bohio :day o' (fwd)

rosaphil (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 21:26:56 -0400 (EDT)

a complete account of my most traumatic sexual experience to whomever
makes the most memorable and effective phone call!

dial to save a beautiful cultural center now!

this may be more fun than calling the psychic hotline and making up stuff
or more fun than calling in phoney put options on your cubicle-neighbor's
account or more fun than group sex involving lime-green jello
and peacock feathers or...ooops.

but i reveal too much of my past lives!

call now, early/late and often!
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From: CHARAS/El Bohio <>
To: "" <>
Subject: day o'

Hey Banana Lovers!
Thanks for your help last week in calling in, (bad banana joke here) 
This weeks voice article by julie lobbia on banana bungalow's Hostel
Takeover was great, though the demo was much larger, & she didn't
mention the bus load of hungarian textile workers who signed in & then
walked out in support....sigh...(special thanks to the diva of downtown
news!) but i write to implore you to keep the pressure on by e-mailing &
calling the bananas again. 
please make alil time to SAVE CHARAS!!

visit charas website---  
for infor-- and e-mail banana bungalow a message. or reserve a room if
you prefer.( in the NAME column you should enter YOUR e-mail address, i
think)- some folks couldn't send/submit the last time.

CALL: keith schwebel, 212.769-2441 president of banana bungalow and tell
him to take a hike, i.e. we hear you plan to try to turn our community
center into an international only youth hostel./ not only would you be
destroying a 20 year old neighborhood institution , your also in
violation of the sale/use of the building. and/or make reservations.

UPDATE:  we may hear as early as monday if the court case goes forward,
or we appeal a dismissal, so dial away..we'll keep you posted.

For over 20 years, Charas/El Bohio Community Center on the lower east
side has offered affordable rehearsal, studio & performance space as
well as workshops, after school programs and meeting space for arts &
civic groups. 

Charas is currently fighting its sale by the City to condo & shopping
mall developer Gregg Singer. Singer's partner in this crime is believed
to be Banana Bungalow, Inc., a chain of Youth Hostels for international
travelers only. Together, they want to turn Charas Community Center into
a 130 room hostel, even though the property is restricted for community
facility use.

The Bananas current project is the illegal conversion of The Belleclaire
Hotel, a single room occupancy hotel (SRO) on the upper west side of
Manhattan. In this latest caper, they are destroying low-income housing
so they can squeeze 10 tourists in a room. foil their plan!