I got another certificate!

Bonnie Briggs (s248_1132@hotmail.com)
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 11:10:34 PDT

  Guess what? I just got another certificate! This one came from the Toronto 
Disaster Relief Committee on June 25/99. It reads as follows.

                       "Certificate of Thanks!

                         This certifies that

                            Bonnie Briggs

               has given One Hundred and One Percent to the
                              work of the

                     Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

                  Celebrating two years since her graduation

                           from George Brown College,

                         a poet, a scholar and an activist!"

  It was signed by "Cathy Crowe, on behalf of the Steering Committee
June 25, 1999."

  I got that on June 25/99 at TDRC's first annivesary party which also 
happened to be the two-year anniversary of my graduation from College. Now, 
the " fun part" will be trying to find room for it on my wall. Between my 
other certificates and my posters, my walls are pretty well full. But, I 
guess I'll find room somewhere, maybe in another room. Talk to you later.

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