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> For 15 months, high canopy tree villages and road blockades have
> peacefully protected a low-elevation ancient forests on public lands in
> Oregon. This forest was originally preserved as critical habitat for the
> Spotted Owl, but Clinton's forest plan has unlawfully sold off this forest
> for clearcutting by Zip-O Sawmills of Eugene, Oregon.
> A local newspaper reported that the ongoing road closure, which began on
> Tuesday, June 29th, was a justified attack by Willamette National Forest
> Law Enforcement who netted "about two tons of garbage and other debris,
> including rotting food, clothing , water and food containers."
> In reality this two tons was actually the taking of $4,500 worth of
> personal belongings and camping supplies, which were unlawfully
> confiscated from people who have come from all across America to
> peacefully assemble in defense of Oregon's publicly owned-Ancient Forests.
> (In 1998, Forest Service Law Enforcement unlawfully confiscated $3,777
> worth of personal belongings. which they still refuse to return.)
> Four arrests total since last Friday June 25th. All road blockades have
> been dismantled and on-site law Enforcement was overheard referring to a
> contract with Maxxam / Pacific Lumber tree climbers, who will attempt to
> remove the treesitters.
> If true, the US Forest Service's intention to hire Maxxam / PL employees
> to remove treesitters is a dangerous escalation in light of the death of
> David 'Gypsy' Chain, who was killed By a Maxxam /Pacific Lumber employee
> who felled a tree on him less then a half hour after threatening to kill
> Gypsy and his friends.
> Please help us to speak out in defense of law and order. Please support us
> by writing letters to the below mentioned folks! Also join in with our
> planet's global solidarity for the forests.
> Julia Butterfly Hill and Redwood Mary are asking people to join with
> forest defenders around the world on July 3rd to celebrate and honor
> Forest Interdependence Day by creating a community event to recognize our
> interconnectedness with the amazing life supporting ecosystems of the
> forests. This international event calls attention to transforming the
> patterns of human destruction that are severely impacting our forests and
> watersheds that sustain urban and rural communities.
> This 1st International Forest Interdependence Day will be held in
> solidarity with Wangari Maathai & the Greenbelt Movement in Kenya. On July
> 3rd they will be hosting an event to draw attention to the on-going
> encroachment & destruction of Nairobi's last indigenous forest-- the
> Karura Forest. This past January, Wangari Maathai and Greenbelt activists
> were severely beaten for their peaceful tree planting action in Karura
> Forest. A month later 600 University of Nairobi students were tear-gassed,
> chased and beaten for similar actions.
> Prayer vigils, music and song gatherings, and tree plantings are being
> planned in cities and rural areas around the U.S.A.- including California,
> Tennessee, New York, New Jersey. The Red Cloud Thunder Tree Sitters in
> Oregon will also be joining with us, as well as participants from
> communities in Brazil, Germany, Israel, and the Philippines.
> "We are at a crucial point in the way we interact with the Earth and each
> other. We must join our bodies, hearts, minds, spirits, and dollars to
> leave a healthy and living legacy for future generations," said Julia
> Butterfly
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> Please call, or write all of the people listed and tell them:  1) You
> support the treesitters!  2) You want the Clark and North Winberry Timber
> Sales Canceled!  3) You want the National Forest Protection and
> Restoration Act (NFPRA - HR 1396) passed into Law!
> Representing the Fall Creek district is, House Rep. Peter Defazio
> (D)Oregon. he's the guy who can orchestrate the buy-back of these sales:
> peter.defazio@mail.house.gov 202-225-6416, fax:202-225- 0373 Snail mail:
> US House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515
> Call or write Zip-O-Sawmills 541-343-7758 and tell them: Don't cut Clark!
> Fax: 541-683-4241, owner Jim Halstrom: 541-744-5661 snail mail: PO box
> 2130 Eugene, OR, 97402
> Please write "Coast to Coast with Art Bell" This internationally
> syndicated late-night radio show, with 20 million listeners, recently
> interviewed a Fall Creek treesitter. While on the air, Art promised a
> follow up interview and debate. Let's hold him to his word!
> <artbell@mindspring.com>
> Please call of write all your favorite federal representatives:
> president@whitehouse.gov, vice.president@whitehouse.gov,
> senator@lastname.senate.gov, firstname.lastname@mail.house.gov White House
> switchboard: 202-456-1414, fax 202456-2326 Capitol
> switchboard:1-800-335-4949, 202-224-3121, Snail mail: White House, 1600
> Pennsylvania ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500, US Senate, Washington DC
> 20510, US House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515
> Call or write the Forest Service:  Chief of the Forest Service Mike
> Dombeck: mdombeck/wo@fs.fed.us, po box 96090 Washington, DC 20090-6090,
> Regional Forester of the Pacific Northwest:  Bob Williams,
> rwilliams/r6pnw@fs.fed.gov PO box 3623, Portland, OR 97208, 503-808-2636,
> 541-326-3096, Willamette National Forest Supervisor Darrell Kenops,
> dkenops/r6pnw_willamette@fs.fed.us 211 E. 7th ave, Eugene, OR 97440,
> 541-465-6521
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> Please support us with supplies and money payable to: Red Cloud Thunder
> PO Box 11122, Eugene, OR 97440, 541-684-2997, redcloud@efn.org
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