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Dont Ban Free Food

To whom it may concern,

Since February of this year, Food Not Bombs (an action group of the
Waterloo Public Interest Research Group) and the K-W Youth Collective
have been distributing free food to hungry people in front of Kitchener
Hall.  Our servings accomplish two things: firstly, we feed people who
need food, and secondly, we educate the public and protest poverty in
our community.  We feel that Kitchener City Hall is an ideal location to
distribute free food because City Hall is the traditional place of
protest and its visible location allows us to spread our message to the

Unfortunately, our activities have not pleased everyone.  The owner of
Williams Coffee Pub (located at City Hall) has complained to the city
that our presence is hurting his business.  In response to this
complaint, city staff has recommended that food distribution, except
with the permission of council be added to the list of prohibited
activities on city property under the security policy I-134.  On June
28th, the Finance and
Administration Committee voted 8 to 1 to endorse the staff
recommendation. Distribution of free food is now in the same category as
spitting, fighting, molesting and harassing!  In the near future,
Kitchener City Council will decide to accept or reject the
recommendation made by the Finance and Administration Committee.
Food Not Bombs and the K-W Youth Collective feel that we are providing a
valuable service to our community.  We feel that  the distribution of
free food is a positive and progressive form of political protest and
expression: City Hall is the place for this activity.  It is unfortunate
that most Kitchener City Councillors do not share our opinion.  However,
we feel that at Kitchener City Hall, the right to food, peaceful
and free expression should take priority over the objections of

Currently, we are lobbying City Councillors to change their position. 
We are asking all concerned individuals and members of  anti-poverty and
social justice groups to help us by writing letters of support.  Please
send your letter to 

Waterloo Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG)
Student Life Centre Room 2139
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON  N2L 3G1

fax -- (519)725-3093

e-mail -- wpirg@watserv1.uwaterloo.ca

Thank you for you time.

For more information please call WPIRG at 888-4882