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Allan Gardens ( Sherbourne and Gerrard) Saturday, August 7 at 4.00 PM

     The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is putting up a Safe
Park for Toronto's homeless in Allan Gardens on August 7. It will be
established and defended as a place of safety and sol dartty.

     Our action flows from a two-pronged attack that the homeless face.
On the one hand, there is a desperate lack of even emergency shelter
space. At the same time, however, that people are being forced onto the
streets in record numbers, the cops are engaged in an all out drive to
force the homeless out of the Central part of the City. Those who try to
lay down in parks are being harassed, having their belongs confiscated,
getting hit wlth bogus charges and being driven off by a heavy handed
police crackdown, This drive is being undertaken to serve and protect
business interests and yappie 'residents' associations and at the urging
of local politicians, like Kyle Rae, who hate and fear the homeless.

     Our Safe Park will not be a mere symbol but an ongoing community of
homeless people who refuse to be driven out and who organize together
around the demand for affordable housing and other real solutions to the
homeless crisis.

     We urge all who stand in solidarity with the homeless to actively
support our Safe Park. We need food, tarpaulins, mats and other
equipment as well as cash donations. We would also greatly appreciate
letters of support that we can show the political decision makers, who
might be tempted to order in the cops, that we do not stand alone.
Especially as we set up on August 7, we will need every available
supporter on hand.

     We call on all homeless people in Toronto to be pan of this action.
We invite all who can come to this City from elsewhere to join us as
well. We are taking a stand against the National Disaster of
homelesmaess and against attacks on the homeless that are going on from
coast to coast.

     On August 7, homelessness will not be hidden and the homeless will
not be silenced. They will be standing up and fighting back. Please be

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Phone: (416) 925-6939 <johnclarke@sprint.ca>