Evaluation of "Super-centers"

Thu, 1 Jul 1999 08:38:35 EDT

I live in Colorado Springs, CO; where the major homeless providers want to 
create a "Homelesss Center". This will basically be a consolidation of 
services, without the addition of much new, to the tune of $4 million+ . Is 
anyone aware of any studies that have been done regarding the increased 
effectiveness (or in-effectiveness/ no change) of service delivery after 
consolidation of homeless services in one place. My feeling is that the 
various providers will do about the same level of service (which is pretty 
good) that they are now doing from several locations in out small downtown. 
The same folks, providing the same services, to the same crowd; in far more 
elegant surroundings. After checking with Nat'l Council on Homelessness and a 
couple other national homeless organizations, I have come up with zero such 
studies or evaluations.  Seems we are creating these "Campuses" or "Homeless 
centers" all over the country simply because "it seems like a good idea".  
Well, high-rise tower-block public housing seemed like a good idea in the 
'40s and 50's; many of these 'good ideas' turned out so bad they were 
eventually blown up.
Thanks,  Matt Parkhouse, RN