SF Mayor W. Brown embraces workfare, denies work-equity

George J.P. Perry (geoperry@iww.org)
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 09:25:47 -0700 (PDT)

Mayor W. Brown, asked whether "equal pay for equal work" -- a slogan which
Brown accepts for gender -- ought to apply to "workfare"... 

... replied to the effect that the work that the workers do is not work,
that the conditions of their "employment" is a "gift" from government,
that the workers do not deserve pay comparable to "regular" employees... 

... and especially do not deserve union-representation... and he will not
recognise attempts to organise workfare-representation.  

San Francisco, company-town.  

Another group denied the right to organise comes to mind:  prisoners. 

George Perry... "Juggler Vain's House of Dung", Frisco Liberation Radio

p.s... unaccustomed as I am to tempering my rants, W. Brown's remarks are
already months old; he may have adopted a new policy... I read the news,
though, and have read nothing to that effect

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Subject: Why the Homeless Power Union say NO! to workfare.


The Homeless Power Union and its membership met for
three months deciding what side we should take on the
workfare issue.

The membership in an aninmous vote decided that we
are against workfare and all it stands for!

Reasons being:

* It pormotes wge-slavery, it forcefully knocking
people of the welfare roll if they don't find work.

*It is increasing the number of homeless families and
homeless rates are steadily climbing.

*It is used as a "scab" labor force in the event
there is a strike. The bosses can put these people in
the positions of union workers, in turn causing the
loss of union jobs.

*The amount of hour one would have to work to gain
there benefit check is much greater than what an
hourly worker would be paid.

*Forcing people to work for their benefits, is once
again the segregationist mentality of the bosses and
the capitalist right-wing.

The Homeless Power Union is organizing for the
overthrow of workfare and it's policies.

We need talk to anyone and everyone we can. With our
political structure, and the voices of the oppressed
in struggle, we can properly build a movement to
defeat this action and others as well!

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union
National Women's Rights Organizing Committee
Coaliton to Defend Affirmative Action (BAMN)

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