Richard Powell Obituary, Washington Post, July 23, 1998

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Dear friends,

For those of you who knew Richard Powell, I thought you might appreciate
this.  He will be missed.  We remember him from years of demonstrations
with the Catholic Workers outside the White House.  He would often come sit
at our signs for a few minutes, particularly in recent years.  A fine Irish
gentleman.  Please pass this along to other friends who aren't on-line?



		 Washington Post, Thursday, July 23, 1998; Page D06 

              Richard L. Powell
              Homeless Worker

              Richard L. Powell, 67, who worked with homeless
              mothers and children at the Dorothy Day Catholic
              Worker House in Washington from 1985 to 1992, died
              June 30 at Prince George's Hospital Center after a
              stroke. He lived in Washington.

              He came to Washington in 1985. While serving on the
              Worker House staff, he also worked as a tour bus driver
              for a year. He retired from driving after his first stroke,
              in 1986. In 1988, in addition to his staff work, he began
              a regular volunteer schedule at the Zacchaeus
              Community Kitchen in Washington. Although ill health
              forced him to retire in 1992, he continued to do
              volunteer work at the Worker House.

              Mr. Powell was born in Pittsburgh, attended West
              Virginia Wesleyan College and served in the Marine
              Corps from 1953 to 1957. He then was a free-lance
              landscape painter in Pittsburgh and West Virginia. In
              Buckhannon, W.Va., he became active in volunteer work
              for the mentally disabled, founding and directing the
              Work Adjustment Center.

              In 1983, he joined a Catholic religious community in
              Wheeling, W.Va., and later did hospice work before
              moving to Washington.

              His marriage to the former Patricia Smith ended in

              He leaves no immediate survivors.

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