Governors of the Ten Worst States

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Dear Grassroots Advocates:

Below find a list of the names of the Governors of the states that
received ADAPT's TEN WORST STATES Award.

These Governors should hear from advocates that people with disabilities
are angry that we are forced into nursing homes and other institutions
because of the way public money is spent.

DEMAND that people with disabilities have a REAL Choice in selecting
Personal Attendant Services.  This means fairness in funding.  Tell them
that 80% of Medicaid funds are spent on nursing homes aand other
institutions and only 20% is spent on ALL home and community options.

Tell them that the money needs to follow the individual NOT the facility
or the provider.

Please join ADAPT in Washington, D.C. October 31st - November 5th as
thousands of us will send the same message to the Clinton Administration.

Join ADAPT in the "Campaign for REAL Choice!"


Folks from ADAPT

Personal Attendant Services
Governors of the Ten Worst States

1.  Governor Don Sundquist (R) --------------	Tennessee

2.  Governor Kirk Fordice (R) ----------------	Mississippi

3.  Governor Mike Foster (R) ----------------	Louisiana

4.  Governor Mel Carnahan (D) -------------	Missouri

5.  Governor Zell Miller (D) ------------------	Georgia

6.  Governor Jim Edgar (R) ------------------	Illinois

7.  Governor Frank L. O’Bannon (D) -----		Indiana

8.  Governor Lawton Chiles (D) ------------		Florida

9.  Governor George V. Voinovich (R) ---		Ohio

10. Governor Paul Patton (D) ----------------	Kentucky

Dishonorable Mention

1.   _______________________			Washington, D.C.

2.  Governor George Bush (R) -------------		Texas

3.  Governor Tom Ridge (R) ----------------		Pennsylvania

4.  Governor Christine Whitman (R) ------		New Jersey

5.  Governor Mike Huckabee (R) ----------		Arkansas

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