Where Do we Go From Here?

Terry Bevins (hpu@rocketmail.com)
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:42:17 -0700 (PDT)


 The Homeless Power Union has been active in the
defense of protecting the rights of the homeless not
only in shelters but also to those who live on the
streets as well.

 We feel that in the wake of all the anti-homeless
legislatioins, deaths, and other inhumanitities done
to homeless populations all over our nation and
others as well, that it is time to TAKE ACTION! 

We feel that the ability of the Homeless to enter
alliances is a mark of our strength to carry out a
fight for the oppressed of our society. In
Entering this alliance, we are no longer relying on
the capitalist right-wing bureaucrat leadership or
ideology; the oppressed
will be taking their place as leaders in a struggle
for equality, and an end to homelessness for good.
Our organized strength can
achieve this as well as overcome many obstacles. 

The Homeless Power Believes it is time to start a
national organization of the Homeless Power Union, or
that other militant homeless defense organizations
can come together to form a united front against

 We can't win the fight by ourselves. This is a call
to action in the defense of homeless rights, and to
build a national struggle to overthrow our
oppressors, and to rebuild a new integrated Civil
Rights Movement.

If you are in favor of this please get in contact
with me ASAP.

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union
National Women's Rights Organizing Committee
Coaliton to Defend Affirmative Action (BAMN)
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