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(For election fraud subcribers, I send this report
about the police attack on Food Not Bombs along to
advise you about what you can expect if *you* were
to attempt to organize a serious public demonstration
against the theft of our elections and tax dollars
in San Francisco.

If you think I am exagerating, take
a look at this unusual SFPD mobilization that
occured June 21, 1997 when a member of the
Committee to Stop the Giveway was speaking
speaking outside the Mayor's Conference
about the details of the 49er stadium fraud.

Unpopular opinions and facts in SF are first marginalized,
then brutalized.)

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  Officially-sanctioned political violence
          continues in San Francisco

        Local media looks the other way

July 22, 1998

The Bay Guardian, as is becoming increasingly common,
is writing its stories without including the pertinent

The following is what was NOT included in the Guardian's
"report"  on the SFPD attack on Food Not Bombs. For context, I
attended the Food Not Bombs dinner (part of their national
convention) a few days before this event occured. It would be
hard to imagine a more peaceful, good willed group of people.
Their crime: gathering donated food and giving it to the hungry.

The descriptions of the tactics used, dangerous neck holds,
compliance holds used to inflict excessive pain and injury etc.
are consistenct with our documentation of how the SFPD attacked
Critical Mass riders last July.

The people doing this are not professional police officers.
They're thugs in uniforms and they're specifically put
in a position to do harm  because Willie Brown does not like
the political opinion of the people being attacked. The local
media, including the so called "alternative" papers, go along with
the cover up of the facts by marginalizing the victims of the
violence and not giving these groups the opportunity to explain
themselves and their work.

Officially-sanctioned violence, election fraud, financial
fraud, and official media compliance *always* go hand in hand.
You don't need to go to Indonesia or Nigeria or El
Salvador to see these phenomena at work.

Ken McCarthy


Information supplied by a subscriber

The missing information:
 A total of 40 police vans and cars drove into and surrounded the UN
Plaza area. Approximately 70 to 80 San Francisco City Police and US
Federal Police, many of them in riot gear, arrived to arrest the
demonstrators. At least one helicopter, which appeared to be a police
aircraft, flew over the UN Plaza area during the demonstration. The police
threaten many of the peaceful protesters and swung their battons at them.
One police officer with a batton struck a disabled, wheelchair-bound
activist and quickly swung again, but missed and hit a barricade with
such force that it shattered the batton into at least two pieces. The
police arrested all of the protesters that sat on the grass and even
violently pulled an activist out of a tree. Several demonstrators
suffered cuts and bruises from the brutal police action. One woman had her
neck twisted by the police during her arrest, and FNB-San Francisco
activist Jeff Larson was sat upon by at least four police officers and
repeatedly subjected to numerous twists of his wrists, arms and legs.
Jeff was subjected to " pain compliance holds " even when he was
completely cooperating with the arresting police officers.

  A total of 28 FNB and homeless activists were taken into police custody
within 90 minutes of the arrival of the police. Even before all of the
arrests were completed, DPW workers were brought in to reposition the DPW
barricades and secure all of the grassy areas in UN Plaza. The protesters
were charged with failure to leave the scene of a riot and with resisting
a police officer. Most of the protesters were released within 9 hours of
their arrest and are scheduled to appear in San Francisco Municipal Court
on 31 August 1998.

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