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Subject: Announcing: International calendar of events

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Subject: Announcing: International calendar of events

                     AND STATELESS NATIONS

   First issue available in Geneva at the next UNWGIP meeting

Dear friends,

the Italian branch of the Society for Threatened Peoples is
going to launch the international version of its international
calendar of events dealing with indigenous and threatened peoples,
European minorities and related topics.

This English-language calendar will be issued every other month
(August, Occtober, December, February, April, June). It will be
sent via E-mail to all the people and organizations which just
ask for it.

All we need is a little help from you in order to keep it updated
and detailed.

Please help us broadening our coverage by sending annoncements to:

Society for Threatened Peoples, PO Box 6282, I-50127 Florence, Italy

Here is an example of the details we need:

15 - 17.9.1998

National Business & Economic Development Conference

PLACE: The Gazebo, Kings Cross, Sydney (Australia)
TOPIC: The first ever, world Indigenous peoples conference on Business
The conference will focus on many issues concerning Indigenous people
and enter-prises. Specific attention on the positive contributions they
have made to their country, and to its economy
CONTACT: Indigenous Conferencing Services Australia, 8 Fuscia Court,
Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia, fax 0061-70-336485, E-mail:

Thank you for your attention and assistance

Alessandro Michelucci

    S.I.S.I.S.   Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty
        P.O. Box 8673, Victoria, "B.C." "Canada" V8X 3S2

        EMAIL : <>

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