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Here is some more information and a benefit to help some of the
eyewitnesses of the abuse to Geneva in August.
Please spread this out through your networks.

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Subject: benefit for residential school Tribunal

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Subject: benefit for residential school Tribunal

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	A benefit to raise funds to send First Nations victims of
residential schools to United Nations meetings in Geneva will be held on
Friday, July 31 at 8 pm at the Carpenters' Hall, 726-12th street in New

	The event is sponsored by the Circle of Justice and others
involved in organizing the first International Tribunal into Residential
Schools. It will feature the native rock band Sound Check. Admission is

	The aim is to raise enough to send at least three eyewitnesses to
murders and medical experimentations in the schools to UN Human Rights
Commission meetings in Geneva in mid-August, so that they can give direct

	For more information contact James or Charlene Strong Eagle at

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