Food Not Bombs San Francisco Press Release: 14 July 98 ACTION FWD

Tom Boland (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 13:36:46 -0700 (PDT)

Food Not Bombs- San Francisco
PO BOX 40485, San Francisco, California  94140
Phone:  + 1-650-985-7087
E-mail: <> or <>

MEDIA CONTACT:  Rahula or Hugh @ 1-650 985-7087

WHERE:  United Nations Plaza on Market St. at 7th in San Francisco.  This
is the location where FNB serves nightly community meals.  This is where
the Department of Public Works has fenced off grassy areas to "keep
homeless people off the grass" according to a DPW supervisor.  This s a
space devoted t the spirit of the United Nations ad we choose to remember
the legacy of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
during its 50th anniversary.

WHEN:  Tuesday, July 14, 12 Noon.  This action to "Reclaim Public Space"
and "Demand Economic and Political Human Rights" will be held on Bastille
Day.  This action will also be held at the end of the Food Not Bombs
Western Regional Gathering that will be taking place July 10 - 14.

WHAT:  Food Not Bombs protest to "Reclaim Public Space" and "Demand
Economic and Political Human Rights for all."  There will be a rally and
speakers addressing the issues of Public Space, Criminalization of
Homelessness, Corporate Dominance, Micro-powered Radio and Reclaiming the
Public Airwaves, and Organizing for Social Justice.  There will be a public
picnic in United Nations Plaza to assert our rights to assemble and
organize in public spaces and to protest "race and class based segregation
in our society and the economic system that perpetuates both."  Speakers
from FNB groups around the Western Region will address poverty, organizing
and activism in their communities.

This action will focus on the struggle of Food Not Bombs groups up and down
the West Coast to assert their right to freely distribute food and organize
politically in public spaces.  In California alone, FNB groups in SF,
Berkeley, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Arcata, Whittier, Los Angeles, San Diego,
San Jose, and Sacramento have faced court injunctions, arrest, court
battles, police surveillance, and/or harassment from city officials-largely
because these groups organize in public spaces, protest the harassment of
homeless people, stand up against gentrification, and demand economic and
social justice for all people.

This action will be an effort to collectively "Reclaim Public Space" and
"Demand Economic and Political Human Rights" and further energize the FNB
movement in the Western Region and the Social Justice movement in the Bay

PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES:  There will be a rally and speakers.  There will be a
protest picnic to "reclaim public space".  There will be activists from
around Western North America (and we all know how cute they are).

Thank you very much !


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