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- More Evidence of Medical Experimentation in
Residential Schools Given to Human Rights Tribunal
- Witnesses Jailed and Intimidated

- Present-day Child Sex Ring Described

        Vancouver -  During the International
Tribunal into Residential Schools, held in
Vancouver from June 12-14, 1998, four eyewitnesses
who attended the Catholic residential school on
Kuper Island described being used in medical
experiments at the school by "German speaking

        Fifty-one native boys between the ages of
nine and fourteen were "given shots in our chests,
which made us get sick and faint", according to
one of the eyewitnesses. Two boys died as a result
of the injections.

        Additional eyewitnesses describe being
given electric shocks to their heads on a daily
basis at two other government-funded schools on
Vancouver Island during the 1960's. The same boys
were also exposed to massive doses of X-rays at
the same facility, and several of them developed
lung cancer as a result.

        Two of these eyewitnesses were arrested
and jailed by the RCMP in the weeks following the
June Tribunal. Frank Martin of Bella Bella was
held incommunicado for a week, and Dennis Tallio
has been threatened with a year long jail term by
Crown Counsel. A woman who testified at the
Tribunal against one of her elders, who she
accused of being a pedophile, had her student loan
application turned down by her band council the
day following her testifying at the Tribunal
against the elder. The woman was told "You'll get
your money when you withdraw your testimony."

        Further intimidation of witnesses occurred
during the Tribunal. Reverend Kevin Annett, the
Tribunal's chief expert witness, was physically
and verbally threatened by Dean Wilson on June 13.
Wilson is a friend of Ron Hamilton of the
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council in Port Alberni, who
himself threatened Harry Wilson, an eyewitness to
murder at the Alberni Residential School in 1967.
Hamilton told Harry Wilson that if he told UN
officials of the young girl's body that he
discovered in 1967, he'd "be sorry". At the
Tribunal, Dean Wilson told Reverend Annett to
"stop repeating the incident, or there'll be
trouble". Wilson said he was speaking on behalf of
Ron Hamilton, who Dean Wilson claims met with
Harry Wilson and forced him to change his
testimony about the dead girl.

        Ron Hamilton worked closely with the RCMP
on their Residential School Task Force. The day
that Hamilton threatened Harry Wilson at the Port
Alberni human rights forum, he told a relative of
Harry's on the ferry to Nanaimo that "I'm going to
Port Alberni to do a a job for Ed John." John
heads the B.C.Treaty Commission and the
Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council, and owns the Takla
Logging Company.

        More recent evidence of a native child sex
ring has also surfaced. Residents of the Squamish
reserve in North Vancouver have observed a local
native resident, a man in his forties, escorting
native girls ages ten and eleven into a "black
stretch limosine" which parks at the end of Chief
Joseph Crescent. The limosine was tailed to the
back of the Vancouver Club, where it desposited
the children. The Vancouver Club is the hang-out
of the province's elite, including judges,
politicians and native leaders.

        The girls are local residents "who were
all dolled up in make-up", according to an
eyewitness. This incident, which occurred on July
10, corroborates evidence gathered by native
lawyer Renate Auger which showed that native girls
and boys were being abducted from northern
reserves and brought to the Vancouver Club by
native men.

        For more information on the ongoing work
of the Tribunal, contact Kevin Annett at
604-462-1086 or Jim Belcourt & Caroline Nelson at

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