Hot weather Alert?

Bonnie Briggs (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 10:32:56 PDT

Drums in the park
Hi gang,
  I have a question for you. Here in Toronto, we are trying to start a 
Hot Weather Alert, similar to a Cold Weather Alert. This is called when 
the temperature in the winter gets below a certain temperature to get 
homeless people into shelters before they freeze to death. We also want 
an Alert for the summer so homeless people don't die from heat 
prostration or heatstroke. We are also concerned with skin cancer from 
the sun. Here is my question, do any of your cities in the States have a 
Hot Weather Alert? If so, how is it implemented? At what temperature? 
Any information you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks, guys.
Drums in the park. 
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