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1.  Since the police don't like shopping carts because homeless people can hide in them (say WHAT????), and no doubt because the police would rather throw people's stuff away (tidier, dontcha know, and less troubling to the homing population), I think the shopping cart giveaway might be useful and politically appropriate.

2.  Sharon Stone's money promotion strikes me as just one more Hollywood stunt.  Of course, it's better to have movie stars doing SOMETHING for other people.  Now, I wonder how much of the $150,000 they raised will actually go to homeless people, and how much will be spent on "overhead" and "administration"?

Thanks for asking.

et in dc

At 01:07 PM 7/17/98 -0700, Tom Boland wrote:

>Giving homeless people shopping carts:

>Good idea?  Bad idea?  Why?

>What do you think?



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>hmmm...what do we think of this?  Pat Myers


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