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[This message includes background to Active Resistance, registration 
info, a draft schedule, logistical information, process info and the AR 
'98 vision statement. For more info, e-mail resist@tao.ca]                  

--- ACTIVE RESISTANCE: A Radical Gathering ---
    August 17 to 23rd
    Northern Great Turtle Island 
    (aka Canada)


Active Resistance is an anarchist gathering of organizers and activists 
to share and discuss strategies and tactics to build and support radical 
left movements against capitalism and the state. We are dedicated to a 
long-term struggles against patriarchy, white-supremacy, wage slavery 
and all institutions that rob people and their communities of 
self-determination, freedom and dignity. We align ourselves with 
anarchism as a political and historical movement that takes the form of 
the oppressed living and rising against the oppressor. We believe that 
people are more than capable of organizing society for the benefit of 
ALL, without dominating and coercive social structures. Active 
Resistance '98 is about organizing for this. We are a group of working 
class anti-poverty organizers, radical feminists, student activists, 
luddites, writers and artists who see anarchism as a non-dogmatic, 
anti-authoritarian social and political project to fight for, and win, 

As local activists AND anarchists, we are for lasting contributions to 
liberation movements. We are organizing Active Resistance as a way of 
making and discovering the potentials of the anarchist struggle both 
locally and internationally. AR '98 in Toronto is not seen as merely the 
hosting and completion of one conference, but as one part of the larger 
on-going process of social liberation as a whole.


As a PARTICIPANT, you can register and attend. We welcome everyone 
interested in learning about and furthering the project of 
anti-authoritarian organizing.

As a FACILITATOR, we would like you to come at least 4 days early, by 
August 13th, to meet the other facilitators and organizers and go 
through some facilitating workshops. The success of Active Resistance 
cores and discussions depends on a solid basis of anti-authoritarian and 
affirmative action focussed facilitation. If you are a good faciliatator 
(or want to be), we encourage you to help out in this area.

As an ORGANIZER: this is an anarchist conference, which means it si 
organizer through self-regulated individual/group responsibility. If you 
would like to come help before the conference, register yourself as an 
organizer and tell us how you would like to help and when you are 
coming. There's lots of work to do, this is NOT for the light-hearted.


Contact AR '98 by mail, phone or e-mail and a registration form will be 
sent your way:

By mail: AR'98
PO BOX 123
Toronto, Ontario

By phone: 416-635-2763

By e-mail: resist@tao.ca


Here is the draft schedule for AR:

Monday, August 17th: Registration and Orientation, Neighbourhood Walking 
Tours, Radical History Exhibit, Core Group Introductions

Tuesday, August 18th to Friday, August 21st:
Mornings: Free Skool, Caucusing
Afternoons: Core Group Meetings
Evenings: Ad Hoc Workshops, Discussions, Free Skool
Nights: Shows, Events, Forums

Saturday, August 22nd:
Afternoon: An Action with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Night: Anti-Racist Action Benefit; Performance Art Party

Sunday, August 23rd:
Morning-Afternoon: Hands-on Projects in the Community
Evening-Night: Anarchist Picnic in the Park

Basically, during the week, the mornings will be occupied by Free Skool 
workshops, caucuses, meetings, etc. If you are interested in 
facilitating a workshop at Free Skool, contact the AR organizers asap 
(contact info below). The afternoons comprise the heart of Active 
Resistance: the core groups. The four core groups, which allow for more 
extended discussions and debates, and a place where we can get to know 
each other better, will be:

-- Building Revolutionary Movements
-- Art and Revolution
-- Community Organizing
-- Alternative Economics

Early evenings will have more workshops and a place for ad 
hoc/spontaneous discussions, caucuses, networking, etc. The nights will 
be set aside for forums, shows and solidarity events. The week 
culminates with an action in downtown Toronto with the Ontario Coaltion 
Against Poverty on Saturday afternoon, a show that night, and a picnic 
finale on Sunday night. There are other events that are still in the 
planning stages (for example, a Propaganda Carnival during the week with 
zines, posters, books, magazines, etc.).


Housing: Please bring a mat and sleeping bag. We're working to 
accomodate every participant in the conference between a central large 
space and a network of local billets, be we CANNOT GUARANTEE space for 
absolutely everyone, so it will be provided on a first come first serve 
basis. We are well aware of our responsibilities to people from out of 
town and country and we promise to do the best we can. A list of 
relatively inexpensive hostels and hotels is available on request.

Food: Vegan and vegetarian meals will be provided for at the conference. 
Participants will be asked to volunteer for at least one short cooking, 
cleanup or general work shift. Bring your own dish and utensils to save 
on time and garbage.

Cost: The cost for the entire week is US$ 25/C$ 35. That includes a 
place to crash, two meals a day, as well as the AR zine.

Childcare: Childcare will be provided for from August 18th to August 
23rd, and as needed under required circumstances. A varied and creative 
children's programme is now in the planning. The capacity of children we 
can safely handle will be based on the number of children that are 
registered. Please register by July 15th if you are bringing children so 
we may provide for all of them.

[Traduction: Si tu as besoin d'un service de traduction en francais, 
fais nous le savoir (courriel: benno@hotmail.com). Nous nous 
organiserons sur place. Il y aura aussi quelques ateliers et des debats 
en francais.]

Legal Stuff: For more info on crossing the border, knowing your rights, 
search and seizure, hitchhiking, trainhopping and security, e-mail 
resist@tao.ca for a "Legal Stuff" primer.


The Active Resistance Toronto Organizing Core committee meets weekly 
under a consensus process with a 80% majority backup vote upon 
unresolvable blocks. The Organizing Core is composed of separate 
organizing committees working on different aspects of the conference. 
They are Activities (program, speakers, organization), Logistics 
(billeting, food, space), S.A.I.L.O.R.S. (Security and Information 
League of Revolutionaries), Agitprop (propaganda, mailing, printed 
materials) and Fundraising ($$$).

The process and structure of the conference will be transparent and 
participatory. All meeting and workgroup facilitators will be trained 
before the conference in organized and focussed consensus decision 
making and discussion techniques with gender parity.

Women's only spaces, rooms for affinity groups and space and time for 
caucusing will be made available. A safety and security team (the 
S.A.I.L.O.R.S.) will always be ready to help with any problems as they 
arise. A breakdown of the way AR '98 is organized, who has 
responsibility for what and to what degree will be provided at the 
outset of the conference. Plenaries are scheduled to take place for 
orientation, progress reports, adjustments and general evaluation.

During the conference, we expect most participants will form themselves 
into many different affinity and workgroups of their own choosing both 
inside and outside the core groups. We are organizing th conference as a 
forum for the free exchange of ideas of experiences and not as a formal 
"congress" making long-range decisions. However, longer term campaign 
planning will take place as part of at least one of the cores. We expect 
many projects will be started out of Active Resistance and we will help 
facilitate space for specific projects people want to engage in.


Active Resistance: A Radical Gathering (AR) is a revolutionary left, 
anti-capitalist gathering and convention uniting theory and practice.

AR will provide a forum for community and workplace organizers to 
discuss strategy and for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

AR will provide space and time for workshops, general assembly, and 
strategy sessions to build revolutionary movements.

AR is working for the creation of autonomous spaces.

AR is an anarchist event using anti-authoritarian and democratic 

AR will work to transform society and ourselves: by confronting 
capitalism, imperialism, colonization, patriarchy, racism, heterosexism, 
state-violence, and all forms of domination and exploitation; by being 
critical of systems, institutions and technologies; and by using tactics 
of resistance and direct action.

AR is working towards an anarchist society which is anti-authoritarian 
and self-governed, in which people organise themselves from the bottom 
up on an egalitarian basis; decisions made by those affected by them; 
direct democratic control of our workplaces, schools, neighbourhoods, 
towns, and bioregions, with coordination between groups as needed; a 
world where people have power over their own lives, bodies and 
sexualities, where we cherish and live in balance with the earth; where 
we work to ensure self-determination for diverse cultures, races, and 
sexual orientations; where we work together cooperatively to nourish 
community, autonomy and mutual aid.


PO BOX 123
Toronto, Ontario

tel: 416-635-2763
e-mail: resist@tao.ca

There are also regional outreach contacts for AR that are trying to 
arrange transport from their areas. Get in touch with AR'98 for info on 
your local contact.

"L'imagination au pouvoir!"


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