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"As a neurologist and electroencephalographer, I have seen many patients
after ECT (shock treatment), and I have no doubt that ECT produces
effects identical to those of a head injury. After multiple sessions of
ECT, a patient has symptoms identical to those of a retired,
punch-drunk boxer...After a few sessions of ECT the symptoms are those
of moderate cerebral contusion, and further enthusiastic use of ECT may
result in the patient functioning at a subhuman level.
Electroconvulsive therapy in effect may be defined as a controlled
type of brain damage produced by electrical means."

Sydney Samant, M.D., Clinical Psychiatry News, March 1983

In a survey of APA (American Psychiatric Association) members, they posed
this question to their members:

"Is it likely that ECT produces slight or subtle brain damage?"

41 percent voted yes, with only 26 percent voting no. That's almost half
of APA members thinking that ECT causes some brain damage. 
[in direct contradiction of the APA's official position]