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July 13, 1998

The General Accounting Office (GAO) today released the following


1.   Nuclear Nonproliferation:
     Difficulties in Accomplishing IAEA's Activities in North
     GAO/RCED-98-210, July 7.

2.   China:
     Military Exports From the United States and the European
     Union Since the 1989 Embargoes
     GAO/NSIAD-98-176, June 16.

3.   Management Reform:
     Agencies' Initial Efforts to Restructure Personnel
     GAO/GGD-98-93, July 13.

To obtain copies of GAO reports or testimony, the press only may
call 202-512-4800.  Others should call GAO's Document
Distribution Center, 202-512-6000.

To receive facsimile copies of any of the daily listings of GAO
documents released during the past 30 days, call 202-512-6000
using a touchtone phone.  A recorded menu will provide
information on how to obtain these listings.

Please note that because congressional recipients of GAO reports
occasionally release reports without providing prior notice to
GAO, the above listing may not be comprehensive.