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A friend came up to me with the following message, which she had typed for a woman I have yet to meet, but we'll eventually connect.  I thought I would like to  meet her with some response.  As you'll note, she doesn't talk about herself much, just her philosophy.  I'm sure she'd appreciate philosophical AND practical replies.

Ellen Thomas




	For more than two and a half years, my understanding of the homeless is highly related to economics, the contributing factor to our homeless conditions, besides apathetic people, who try to represent issues that come with the homeless more than we care to see.  We cannot afford the attitude of complacency.

	Repeated appeals to Congress have not gained established legitimate supports as a part of the growing population we call "HOMELESS."

	Economical assistance and the emphasis for ending "the homeless" only shows that the outdated reports have not been taken as seriously as we would like them handled.

	The housing and rebuilding and reassessment of wages only produce more attitudes of unwanted cares we call poverty.

	Governors, Senators, Congress and other representatives were not affected as other members of the American work force, when wage reductions were established.

	We have been given the attitude of system checking and a home with a minimal commitment to the real circumstances of our needs.

	We need maximum attitude with the life skills it requires to address real needs.  This is not only a realistic approach, it is very essential to the development of our basic needs we call food, clothing and shelter.

	I can't emphasize enough, some people have not even been given the privilege of basic cares.  The manner they have been given, we would as normal society recognize in a heart beat that these circumstances are adverse and not anywhere in our real area of normal needs.

	Ignoring this issue called "homeless" will not make it go away.  Which brings us to another topic regarding the system of our values.

	How do we determine an individual's worth when we know nothing about them, and the reasons they are homeless?  What someone considers as valuable, another might just throw away.  And in our society today, that is just what we have done.

	We have minimized the value of human lives, a precious commodity that God would ask us to care for.

	The identity of TRUE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY only reminds us how distorted our focus on human lives has become.

	With limited funding and more budget reductions, it only exposes the inexperienced people which have been given the power, to take the actions, for the challenges of these people, who they face, as homeless.

	Our future is only as good as the actions we are taking today for the very ones we care to call "HOMELESS."

Denise Bosworth

July 12, 1998

Homeless in Washington DC



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