FWD: request for info on women's groups

peace through reason (prop1@prop1.org)
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 11:04:30 -0400

 From (Reply To):  Diana Gustafson <<dgustafson@MAIL.GLOBALSERVE.NET>

  Subject: looking for women's organizations (fwd)

  Dear sisters,

  I am in the process of gathering the names and contact addresses of women's

  groups all over the world.  I currently have just under 1000 groups, and

  hope to reach over 4000.  The groups include (and are not limited to)

  women's studies departments, women's resource centres, shelters, religious

  groups, magazines, rape crisis lines, political activism groups, health

  organizations, journals, professional associations, women's bookstores and

  publishers, feminist libraries, research groups, economic and racial

  justice groups, etc.  I want to include as many organizations as possible,

  and I will distribute this information for free (electronically) to anyone

  who requests it.

  I started collecting this information for a small-scale project in western

  Europe, but it's growing by the minute, and I'd like to compile as much

  information as possible.  I'd also be very pleased to hear from or about

  women who are doing similar work, so we can share information and avoid

  duplication of effort.

  What I need is the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address and

  URL (if they exist) of any women's or women-related organization.  If

  people also want to send a description of the organization, I'd be

  grateful.   But even a name and contact number is a start when women are

  searching for information.

  Please ask any respondents to e-mail me privately at fullmoon@euronet.nl,

  as I am not on many lists.  Everyone who responds will get an electronic

  copy of the list of organizations, unless they request otherwise.  The list

  will be organized by country.

  Thank you very much for considering my request.  Please feel free to repost

  and forward this message, with a reminder that responses should go to me at


  In sisterhood,

  Denise Osted



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