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Here is something off of StreetKid
dealing with the homeless in Humboldt County Ca.

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By Ruben Botello, Founder

The presiding judge who evicted hundreds of 
homeless men, women and children off federal 
property, on the South Spit peninsula, at the 
mouth of Humboldt Harbor in northernmost 
California, last year, made sure to cover his 
tracks by appointing and guiding local citizens on 
his "grand jury," to look the other way. 

Instead of investigating and assailing superior 
court judge John Buffington and his cohorts for 
their cruel and callous disregard for the health, 
safety and welfare of local homeless, the judge's 
select group of local citizens paid lip service to 
the uprooted South Jetty homeless by pointing the 
finger at "Humboldt County and the South Jetty 
land owners," at large. 

Buffington is nevertheless "retiring," but this 
leaves J. Michael Brown behind, an even more 
fascist, anti-homeless judge.  Both judges cater 
to the Ingomar Club, a private millionaires' group 
promoting its harbor development agenda through 
the courts, the state legislature and U.S. 

In 1860, peaceful old Indian men, and women and 
children were slaughtered, because they were in 
the way of Humboldt Bay development, too.  "Whites 
had taken to their boats and left the island 
(Gunther) without being observed by any persons 
except those in league with them. But the 
spectacle they left behind them was horrible. 
Blood stood in pools on all sides; the walls of 
the huts were stained and the grass colored red. 
Lying around were dead bodies of both sexes and 
all ages from the old man to the infant at the 

Some had their heads split in twain by axes, 
others beaten into jelly with clubs, others 
pierced or cut to pieces with bowie knives. Some 
struck down as they mired; others had almost 
reached the water when overtaken and butchered." 
(Northern Californian, Arcata; Feb. 29, 1860) 

Two other massacres occurred simultaneously that 
terrible night (Feb. 25, 1860), both on the South 
Spit peninsula, about a mile from Indian Island 
where the mayor of Eureka now lives (aka Gunther 
Island). Local industrialists aggressively sought 
money from Congress -- then as now --to develop 
Humboldt Bay into a major port, but the Indians 
were "in the way," then, as were the South Jetty 
homeless more recently. 

To cover up the Humboldt Harbor massacres, the 
government immediately moved surviving Indians to 
Smith River, many miles away, and the county grand 
jury concluded, "After a strict examination of all 
witnesses, nothing was elicited to enlighten us as 
to the perpetrators." (A.J. Bledsoe, History of 
Del Norte County, 1881.) 

Now, as then, there is nothing new under the sun 
for poor and oppressed people around Humboldt 
Harbor -- same old lip service; same old forked 
tongue -- no justice, "JUST US!" say the rich and 
well-to-do by their acts and deeds.  Local grand 
juries have been paying lip service to the 
homeless for years, and nothing but more pain and 
suffering has come of it. 

For those who want to pat themselves on the back, 
and claim "progress" is in the making for poor and 
oppressed people behind the Redwood Curtain, I say 
"bullpucky!" Fascism prevails, and is flourishing 
in Humboldt County, as the local courts fill their 
new jail with more and more local people for the 
crime of being poor. 

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