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Date: Friday, July 03, 1998 3:57 PM
Subject: Position Announcement

Community Development Position

Rural Development Initiatives, Inc., a nonprofit organization, is seeking a
highly motivated, independent individual to perform community-based
strategic planning, assist rural communities with project design and
implementation, and provide training to community development organizations
to increase their effectiveness.  Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, may work
from home office.

Requirements: BA/BS, five years experience in community economic
development, excellent facilitation and communications skills, willingness
to travel.  Part time considered.  Salary in +ACQ-40s, depending on skills and
experience.  Excellent benefits.  Send cover letter and resume by July 15
to: RDI, 1410 Oak Street, Suite 102, Eugene OR.  Inquiries:
rdi+AEA-teleport.com or 541/684.9077. EOE