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so...writing will help.  Pat Myers

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yes, every bit helps.

the truth of the matter is like the states, Kanada is following the lead
of the states and is currently placing by-laws in place to force the
homeless out of the cities. Here in Victoria, the mayor has made it a
criminal offence to panhandle in the downtown core.
it is called "street camping" and personal belongings are now "chattels".

I am constantly monitoring the police channels here in Vic. and they are
currently red-zoning the homeless for by-law violations.

and as for the programs mentioned by the Premier's Office, when someone
applies for the programs the amount of red-tape is horrendous.
I applied for re-training as a resident manager a couple of years ago.
the course was $595.00. the limit was $500.00. In the ensuing interview I
was denied..the reasons were:
1.) I was too unstable in my living arrangements.
2.) My resume was too long (I am 43 y.o.)
3.) I could not absolutely guarantee employment at the end of the course,
even tho' there was a placement service for graduates.

Needless to say, I walked out that office a very angry man, and left the
Comox valley, moved to Victoria and was hired by the Green Party of B.C.
as thier office manager during the last provincial election. The only paid
employee in the office.

all I have to say about the whole situation is EEK!


On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, P. Myers wrote:

> Leslie, Pat Myers from hpn here.
> would it help to send letters to the PM from the U.S.?  These actions to
> alleviate poverty are as laughably inadequate as are our efforts in the
> states...operate as a sop for the public conscience...nothing more...never
> intended to actually help!
> Let me know if letters from us to your south will help.
> "we cannot always change things, but we may try to embarrass the guilty."
> (not mine, forget the author) Pat Myers *8Dd
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