CIA Support for Terrorism (fwd)

rosaphil (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 13:53:45 -0500 (EST)

a jobs program for white boys of mediocre intellect who have granulated
from ivey-leaguez and done little else since?

hey, when are people on medicare goina get our medications paid for by
this same stait that wants to waste so many billions of dollahz killing
more peasants?

let the peasants come to 'merica and kill themselves cleaning up toxic
waste dumps, already.

cheaper and two jobs with one green bullet!!!!

(give me my medications already!!!)

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        CIA Support For Terrorism, Murder, Torture and Rape

   Earlier I drew from CIABASE a report on CIA support for death
squads around the world. Direct or indirect support for Death Squads
was a universal of CIA operations -- it itself conducted death squad
operations in Vietnam killing over 35,000 Vietnamese.

    Now the Historical Clarification Commission, in Guatemala,
documents CIA support to the Guatemalan military's murder, torture
and rape.

   The Historical Clarification Commission charged to investigate human
rights abuses during Guatemala's 34-year civil war accused the U.S.-backed
military of responsibility for the vast majority of the crimes, including
murder, torture, rape, destruction of Indian villages and widespread
state terrorism.

   The report of the Historical Clarification Commission, said the
massacres eliminated entire Mayan villages. The commission found the
"government of the United States, through various agencies including
the CIA, provided direct and indirect support for some state operations."

   The report, "Guatemala, Memory of Silence," found that about
200,000 people -- the overwhelming majority of them civilians -- were
killed or "disappeared" during the war. The panel...documented 626 massacres
committed by the army in the 1980s, during the height of its scorched-earth
policy against Indian peasant communities. The army "completely exterminated
Mayan communities, destroyed their dwellings, livestock and crops...and
carried out a systematic campaign of "genocide."  Washington Post 2/26/99 A19.

   Now DCI Tenet wants to run more CIA operations than even during the
Cold War.

Ralph McGehee