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Subject: SK-L: Fourth Annual CAPCAT Coalition Conference

Streetkid-L: Promoting awareness of the plight of street children
and other children at risk worldwide. Your participation is welcome.

The Fourth International CAPCAT Coalition Conference will be held March
27-28, 1999 (Saturday/Sunday) at Prince of Songkla University-Phuket at
the PSU Lodge Conference Center on Phuket Island, Thailand.  Areas of
Focus will include Coalition Building & International Expansion, Values
and Culture, and At-risk Children and Families in Southern Thailand.  It
is being hosted locally by Child-Watch Phuket

Cost to Attend: None.  Invited to Attend: CAPCAT coalition member groups,
non- CAPCAT NGO representatives, public officials, government and
international agency workers, all members of the press, university
students, researchers and concerned members of the public are welcome.

Advance Registration: Required by March 15, 1999 to facilitate room
reservations and event planning.  To register, please send your name,
number in your group, mailing address and organizational affiliation:

     By e.mail to:
     Sean Parlaman at

     By regular mail to:
     Coalition Conference
     The CAPCAT Project
     Attn: Pradit Pinyopasakul
     333 Laksi Plaza, 12th Floor, Tower 1
     Changwatana Road, Don Muang
     Bangkok, Thailand 10210.

     By fax to: Attn: Pradit Pinyopasakul
                (66-2) 576-1106 or (66-2) 576-1107.


     Saturday - March 27, 1999 

Morning Session 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 
Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Afternoon Session 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m. 
NGO Site Visits 3:00 p.m. - 6 p.m. 

     Sunday - March 28, 1999 

Afternoon Session 12 noon - 2 p.m. 
Attenders depart for NGO site visits out of the area. 


Welcome & Keynote Speech, Introductions - Saturday Morning 
Topic Papers Presentation, Panel Discussions - Saturday Afternoon
Concluding Address & Open Discussion - Sunday Afternoon

Topic Papers General Theme:

    Recreating the Future in Thailand and Around the World
         The Role of Traditional Values and Culture

         "Material progress alone is not sufficient to
          achieve an ideal society. No amount of legislation
          or coercion can accomplish the well being of society,
          for this too depends upon the internal attitudes of the
          people within it. Cultivate a genuine sense of brotherhood
          and sisterhood, based on love, kindness, and compassion,
          considering all of humanity as your family"

               -- His Holiness the Dalai Lama
               In "Seeds of Peace" by Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa, 1991.

     As Thailand emerges from the economic crisis of 1997-98, what will be
the lessons learned from the past decade's misguided rush to develop and
exploit, of economic policies under both dictators and democrats which
valued profit over quality of life and protection of the Kingdom's
resources, the most important being the Thai family and way of life?
"There's fish in the waters and rice in the fields" was the national
slogan of Siam for centuries. Now the waters are badly polluted and the
fields are filling with upscale housing tracts and business parks.

     How can the average citizen in Thailand (or any country) work with
existing government and political processes, non-governmental
organizations, and grass-roots campaigns to insure that as we enter the
new millenium, the most vital resources of family, community and quality
of life determine local, national and world policy? What values and
beliefs led you to the activism and involvement which brings you to this
conference, and how has your work in education, or community organizing,
or law enforcement, or public service, or child protection, (or any
field), changed or strengthened these values and beliefs?  How can you,
and others, apply these values and beliefs in concrete ways to change your
community, country and world?

Topic papers must be submitted to CAPCAT by mail no later than March 15,
1998 and be written in either Thai and English.  Presenters must prepare a
five minute (appx.) spoken summary in either Thai or English for
announcing their paper at the conference.

After the Conference:

Information will be available during the conference on making contacts
with NGOs from throughout the Kingdom to arrange their individual visits
to schools, NGOs, government and individual agency project sites in the
weeks following the conference.  Those inspired by the discussions of
spiritual re-creation at the conference may also be interested in
attending the 10-day meditation retreat for westerners at Wat Suan Moak
(50 km north of Surat Thani).  For more information on this, please see: .

About the Conference Site:
The PSU Lodge Conference Center is the working classroom of the Faculty of
Hotel and Tourism Management located on the Phuket campus of the Prince of
Songkla University. The conference "staff" who you will meet coordinating
the event and managing the facility are actually students training for
careers in the tourism and hotel industries. By holding the conference at
this site, The CAPCAT Project is giving these students experience working
with both an international and non-governmental organization event, and
helping raise awareness among P.S.U. Hotel and Tourism students and
instructors regarding social problems affecting areas with a high reliance
on international tourism.

Complete and up-to-date conference information is available on-line at:
including travel information, accomodations, and Internet links.

The CAPCAT Project is a five year old non-governmental, all-volunteer,
secular, non-profit organization acting as an Internet 'clearinghouse' of
information, resources, links, volunteer/intern placement and fundraising
for non-profit, non-governmental groups and national and international
agencies working to end poverty, prostitution, trafficking and child
exploitation in Thailand. Since 1994 it has grown to include 50+ coalition
member and partner organizations working in Thailand. In 1999, The CAPCAT
Project-International (  will expand to include
projects and official member groups in 17 nations around the world,
including the United States.  CAPCAT's European/African Initiatives
conference will be held in Haarlem, The Netherlands in July, and the Fifth
International CAPCAT Coalition Conference will be held in Los Angeles in
the fall.

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     The CAPCAT Project-Thailand  (
     The CAPCAT Project-International  (

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