Dart On ADAPT's NGA Demonstration

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An update...  At the meeting which took place that morning, the Governors
refused to make commitments regarding either Olmstead or MiCASSA.  They
they needed more info (so apparently they signed on without info?)
further education is in order... Stephanie

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            Dart On ADAPT's NGA Demonstration

February 20, 1999

Today, 50 members of ADAPT demonstrated against the National Governors'
Association on the sidewalk in front of the J.W. Marriott Hotel in
Washington, D.C.  We were protesting the Association's position on the
Olmstead case: The Governors have formally opposed our ADA rights to
receive services in the most integrated settings, not in institutions.
ADAPT leaders have already met with the Chairpersons of the Governors
Association, but without receiving a firm commitment that the group will
support the ADA in the Olmstead case.  Further meetings and
demonstrations are planned.

Those attending included: ADA Chief negotiator Bob Kafka from Texas;
Linda Anthony, Eric Von Schmetterling, Jimmy Shrode, Cassie James and
Jennifer Bernett from Philadelphia; DC area leaders Doris Ray, Phil
Calkins, Janine Bertram, Marcie Roth, Gayle Hafner, Barbara Toomer, Rick
and Nancy Douglas, Don Galoway and Jim Dickson.  All 6 members of our
family attended, including Konoka Izumi, Michiko Koshihara, Asuka Sato
and Masami Morigami.  We took 9 signs and 2 flags. Police blocked the
entrance of the hotel.  There was some media coverage.
Congratulations to all concerned.

ADAPT plans a massive Olmstead case demonstration on the Supreme Court
Steps, 1 First Street N.E. Washington, D.C., May 12th, 1999, 11:30 am.
We call on every patriot to come on this historic occasion.  We call on
each one of you to bring 10 new people with you.

We love you.

Lead on.

Justin and Yoshiko Dart

Fred Fay
Chair, Justice For All

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