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Subject: H*lp needed for Pine Ridge Reservation family

>Oglala, South Dakota-Pine Ridge Reservation...
>Roslyn Jumping Bull is sending a plea to all people
who can h*lp burn victims
>from a house fire near her home. They are family
members of hers. The home of
>the Star family burned to the ground. The father was
sent to a burn center in
>Denver, Colorado with third degree burns and the
family needs blankets, all
>cooking utensils, any furniture...anything you can
part with or supply. They
>lost everything.Mother and children are in safe
condition but seek your
>PLEASE ship items to:
>Roslyn Jumping Bull,
>Box #207
>Oglala, South Dakota 57764
>Call her at 605-867-2231
>The Leonard Peltier Charitable Foundation will give a
receipt if
>you provide us with an itemized receipt for any items
purchased. Thank you
>your support. Please h*lp in any way you can.
>LPCF, Inc.
>Attn: Shannon M. Collins
>P.O. Box 681
>Rimrock, AZ 86335

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